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Cross-culture festival to mark national new year

by Sally Lee. Fairfield City Champion, March 26, 2013.

Posted: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 08:35 PM UT

Happy new year: The deputy secretary-general of Assyrian Universal Alliance, Hermiz Shahen, and the president of the Assyrian Australian National Federation, David David. Picture: Simon Bennett.

ASSYRIANS from here and abroad have been called to join the annual festival of the Assyrian new year which will be held on Easter Monday at Fairfield Showgrounds.

The Assyrian Australian National Federation and the Assyrian Universal Alliance will combine to celebrate their heritage and promote cross-cultural understanding.

"The Assyrian new year is the most important national festival handed down through history from the remote past," said Hermiz Shahen, the alliance's deputy secretary-general.

"Millions of Assyrians all over the world celebrate this day as the pre-eminent national festival.

"We invite all communities to come together and celebrate this new year day with Australian Assyrians."

Mr Shahen expects a crowd of 10,000 at the festival, which will run from 10am to 10pm, with the official opening at 2.30pm.

There will be live entertainment, food, games and rides for children and, at 9pm, a fireworks display that can be watched online, live or on delay.

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National News [USA, Canada, Europe, Australia]National News [USA, Canada, Europe, Australia]

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