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Square in Greece Named After Simon Zavarian
by Asbarez Online - Dec. 6, 2000
Posted: Thursday, December 07, 2000 02:43 am CST

Kokinya--A square near the Zavarian Center of Kokinya was named Zavarian Square, where a bust of Zavarian has also been erected. The opening ceremony was organized by the city hall and sponsored by Greece's ARF Central Committee. Present at the ceremony were officials from the Greek Foreign Ministry, the city mayor, state governor, and numerous offficials, along with leaders of the Armenian community, and Armenian ambassador to Greece Armen Petrossian.
Greek Vice Foreign Minister Grighoris Neotis honored Simon Zavarian on behalf of the Greek government and congratulated the community on the erection of his bust. Mayor Trapalis acknowledged the execution of the Armenian Genocide by the Young Turk regime just two years after Zavarian's death. The mayor stated "Turkey must recognize the Genocide and the rights of the Armenian people." Trapalis along with ANC Greece Representative Boghos Cholakian uncovered Zavarian's bust which was covered by the Armenian and Greek flags. The national anthems of Greece and Armenia were played with the participation of Homenetmen scouts. Greek officials and Armenian representatives in attendance laid wreathes on Zavarian's tomb.
Master of ceremonies was ARF Representative Hampig DerArtinian. The opening address was made by Representative Haroutioun Yezegialian.

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