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Posted: Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 04:39 AM CT

Delaware, USA

The Hellenic Electronic Center, today, would like to bring to your attention the following:

In early Febraury of this year, the Greek government shocked every Greek, and every person who believes in justice against crimes and lies.

Furthermore, this shock was felt by organisations like SAE, AHEPA, associations of Greeks from Adia Minor, the Federation of Greek Associations of New
York, many Greek Orthodox parishes in the US and many others. The shock came in the wake of the Greek government's demand of the removal of all references to the Greek Genocides in a law that was to be enacted into a

Presidential Decree.
The demand came in response to Turkish threats. The government's behaviour put into
question Greek sovereignty and all its credibility. More dangerously, the government's behaviour put into motion a dangerous precedent for history and genocide denial.

Hundreds of thousands of people who believe in justice against crimes and lies quickly mobilised, and facilitated by the resources of HEC, mounted a successful
campaign to prevent the distortion of history and of the government's acquiescence to the
threats of the regime in Ankara. Today, an on-line petition, hand-signed

petitions and individual letters to the Greek government have amassed more than 15, 000 signatures/letters. The Greek government has been sensitised, but we are still concerned that at some time in the future, they may still try and pass a law beyond the legal scrutiny of their deputies and of all Greeks as well as those individuals who believe in justice against crimes and lies.

Consequently, we would like our partners in the media to maintain the same degree of sensitivity to this issue as they so far have exceptionally done, to finally eliminate this dangerous precedent, by exposing this campaign of genocide denial by the Greek government. Our efforts will only be rewarded when the law will be embodied into a presidential decree as initially drafted, and not as hijacked by the military regime in Ankara. We encourage those who have not done so to sign the petition at

The HEC Executive

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