Type keywords (and optionally, quotation marks and the symbols: + - or and) related to what you are looking for in the search box. The first two search methods shown below are recommended and ensure the best possible search results.

For example, typing in...

  • mona lisa painting - Finds documents that have all three of your keywords anywhere on the page, mona lisa painting.
  • "mona lisa" - Finds documents that have the two words found right next to each other.  Placing quotation marks around any series of words turns them into a phrase and tells the search engine that you are only interested in documents that have the words in this specific order.
  • mona or lisa - Finds documents that contain either mona or lisa or any capitalized variant (Mona, MONA, liSA, Lisa).  The search engine ranks the results to show first the documents containing both words, close together, and near the top of the document.
  • Mona Lisa - Finds documents that have either Mona or Lisa but not any other capitalized variation.  When you use a capitalized word, the search engine assumes that you are only interested in an exact match.

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