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Mourning in the Garden of Eden (film)

Baghdad Conference
October 22-23, 2003

Baghdad Conference, Oct. 22-23, 2003

Adeeb Goaga Yonan, Introductions
Ambassador Patrick Kennedy, U.S. Representative of Paul Bremer
Bishop Wardooni, Chaldean Catholic Church
Emad Shamoun, Maronite Church
Younadam Kanna, Assyrian Democratic Movement

Younadam Yousef Kanna — General Secretary, Assyrian Democratic Movement
(6 minutes, in Aramaic, courtesy of Sharokeen TV)

Assyrian Destiny in the Mideast (25min)

Assyrians in North Iraq After the Gulf War
(10 minutes, courtesy of Zinda Magazine)


  Nationalism by Ewan Gewargis.
  Former host of Assyrians Around the World television program in Chicago, Illinois [North America].

Younadam Yousef Kanna, Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM).
Interviewed by Yousip Bet Rasho, the host of Stars of the Night radio program in Chicago, Illinois [North America].

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