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'Burning Desire' by Mona Kochou

Posted: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 at 06:28 AM CT

Mona KochouMontaha Kochou, fondly known as Mona to family and friends, introduces to the public, her first, romance fiction, entitled, 'Burning Desire'. This Assyrian native arrived in America in 1978, and although she had been writing for most of her life, she developed a true love for the art in sixth grade, where she was ranked first out of 270 students for writing composition. This achievement gave Mona the confidence to begin story writing, and subsequently she has several novels finished and ready to be published.

Coming from a rich cultural background has been an added advantage in writing 'Burning Desire', which focuses on an young Lebanese woman, who arrives in America with the longing and desire for a man she barely knows. “I used my knowledge of cultural differences as it affects women and men; and the passion that women universally feel when they love.”

Mona has six siblings, and has lived in Baghdad, Kuwait and Greece. “Being Assyrian gives me such confidence, the first library was founded in the Great Assyrian Empire, which existed some 6,000 years ago. Coming from that kind of historical heritage makes me proud and assured,” says Mona.

The characters in 'Burning Desire' were developed from the many countries and personalities that she has experienced during her travels. With a vivid imagination, Mona, has combined love, intrigue and passion to create a thoroughly captivating first novel.

Mona lives in Mount Prospect, Illinois, with her husband Joseph Kochou, a handsome Assyrian man. They have three daughters, Josephine, Christine and Pauline. “Everyone in my family and community are excited for me, this book is like a child to me. It was a blessing from God. I gave birth to it, nurtured it, and now I hope everyone will say my baby [book] is beautiful,” says Mona.

Mona has just completed the sequel to 'Burning Desire', entitled 'Will The Sun Rise Again', which deals more with the emotional and spiritual decisions people have to make when love doesn't go their way. For now, however, get ready to be captivated by 'Burning Desire'. Release date September 2003.

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