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Strategic Records: “Kholma Sodana”

Posted: Tuesday, April 06, 2004 at 07:29 PM CT

For Immediate Release
April 2, 2004

Contact: Billy Haido
Strategic Records Inc. - 773-562-7320

(Chicago, IL) – Strategic Records is proud to announce, the release of “Kholma Sodana” the first video from internationally renowned Assyrian superstar Ramsen Sheeno. After releasing his 3rd album, entitled Road to Love in early 2004, Sheeno agreed to a multi-video deal with Strategic Records for the production of new music videos. The album has received great praise from record producers and Assyrian entertainers everywhere are stating that it is Sheeno’s “best work to date.” Road to Love brings a collaborated effort from many breakout producers and song writers from across the world. Sheeno’s attempt to make this CD different succeeded when he sampled cutting edge vocals and music. “We are very pleased with the innovative work he put into this album and music video,” remarks Billy Haido, president of Strategic Records Inc.

Strategic Records Inc. is a division of Strategic Entertainment Inc., the production company that brought the Assyrian blockbuster film, Akh Min Khimyani. Ramsen Sheeno’s new album is available in Assyrian stores globally and also at https://www.assyrianmarket.com.

Preview the music video at: https://www.strategicentertainment.com/music/ramsen.wmv

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