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Shabo Bahe Honored

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Shabo Bahe Honored

Jul-25-2012 at 08:45 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

Video frame from Assyria TV, Habib Mousa sings in honor of Shabo Bahe.
Shabo Bahe Honored
by Augin Kurt Haninke.
Sweden, June 10, 2012.

Shabo Bahe honored

Assyrian organizations honored Malfono Shabo Bahe with a memorial service at St. James Cathedral in Södertälje, Sweden, June 10, 2012, for a lifelong service to the Assyrian culture. His unforgettable lyrics, sung by Habib Mousa, Abboud Zazi, Aralia Issa and Orkina Bahe. Speeches and poems praised his efforts and humble person by Elizabet Kavakcioglu, Mouris Chabo (ADO), Dr. Tiglath Lahdo among others. The daughter Zerva gave a touching speech about a person who has not left behind any material wealth, but a great spiritual wealth.

Shabo Bahe hedrades

Assyriska organisationer hedrade malfono Shabo Bahe med en minnesstund i St Jakobs katedral i Södertälje den 10 juni 2012, för ett livslångt engagemang i den assyriska kulturens tjänst. Hans oförglömliga låttexter sjöngs av Habib Mousa, Abboud Zazi, Aralia Issa och Orkina Bahe. I tal och dikter hyllades hans insatser och ödmjuka person av Elizabet Kavakcioglu, Mouris Chabo (ADO), Dr Tiglat Lahdo mfl. Dottern Zerva höll ett gripande tal om en person som inte lämnade efter sig någon materiell rikedom, men väl en stor andlig rikedom.

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