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Assyrian Publishing

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Assyrian Publishing

Sep-28-1999 at 12:42 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

We have had many comments and questions concerning publishing documents using Syriac word processing programs. Here is our reply to help others with similar interests in publishing.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff" target="_top">>
Sent: Saturday, September 25, 1999 11:51 PM
Subject: Re: Assyrian Publishing wrote:

> Shlama,
> Thank you for your kind words brother.
> There are many word processing programs, but the best one of them all is the Syriac Writer ( The Windows 98/NT version of this program will be completed soon and made available to the public. Register your email address with them. This program has Syriac font stickers included with it and costs approximately $300 to $400, check with them on the price.
> Until the Syriac Writer is made available, please visit the Assyrian Youth Group of Victoria website at ( and look at "Assyria's Letters" section for information on downloading a free word processing program and the free fonts which work with it. After downloading the fonts, you can view the Syriac web pages at their site and other Internet websites that use those particular fonts.
> Good luck in your future endeavors, hope this helps. Please share this message with your friends and colleagues if you like.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: The State of Assyria
> Sent: Saturday, September 25, 1999 7:08 PM
> Subject: Atour Comments
> ***********************************************
> Subject: (Other)
> SubjectOther: Our fonts
> Username: Jeff Atto
> UserEmail:
> Date: 26 Sep 1999
> Time: 03:07:53
> Remote Name:
> https User Agent: Mozilla/4.61 (Win98; U)
> Comments:
> Dear Atour,
> My name is Jeff Atto and I am learning how to write Aramaic at Mother
> of God Church in Southfield, Michigan. Our class is writing up quite a
> few charts and other things (on the computer) and I was wondering if
> you could tell me where to find a really good font or word processing
> program specifically for our language. I read about a word processor
> called Unitype Global Writer 98 Professional
> (
> ml) but I am not sure if it accurately can type Aramaic. Also, I was
> wondering if you could tell me where to get either a) stickers with our
> letters to put on keyboards or b) an Aramaic keyboard. I recently
> downloaded the Gabrial Ator and Carlo Ator fonts from a web site, but it
> is very hard to write with these in Microsoft Office 2000. If you can
> help me in any way, or direct me to a web site which explains this in
> detail, please let me know. Also, if you know of any books specifically
> written about out Language (Chaldean & Assyrian dialects), please let
> me know. We use a small book written by Fr. Sarhad, but a few of us in
> the class are considering writing another book, which would be much
> more complete and serve as a reference for future Chaldean/Assyrian
> classes. Also, if you know of an Assyrian or Chaldean dictionary, please
> let me know. I read something about the University of Chicago Assyrian
> Dictionary Project, but they told me it was like $ I obviously
> couldn't afford it. I have a WIndows 98 PC. THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR
> ________________________________________________________________
> AUTHENTICITY: This message was sent from "Atour - The State of Assyria"

Shlama Illoukh,

Thanks for your help, I really do appreciate it. I only wish the Chaldean community was as enthusiastic and politically active as the Assyrians. Again, thank you very much!


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