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Message from Saverio Petrini (from Italy)

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Message from Saverio Petrini (from Italy)

Apr-12-2003 at 07:50 AM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

2003-04-09; Italy (Lucca)

The reason why I decided to write this letter is that despite important daily news are trying to distribute American or UK flags, here it is almost impossible to buy them, in fact that kind of flags are somehow stopped before their arrival into the bookstalls, furthermore when they have tried to organize demonstrations in favour of allied forces they have not been advertised anyhow by the other media; in this way only the selfstyled flags of peace can be abundantly found, and only the selfcalled demonstrations for peace can be successfully made.

Im sending this letter to all Americans and Her Majestys subjects on my mails list, in order to show that here in Europe exists also a public
opinion that supports the allied action, even when, like in my case, the government doesnt like President Bush.

Im sure that this war is made ALSO for economical interests (but after all, isnt it so for any war ? Included the one that set free Europe 60 years ago?), but this interests, (as during second world war), do not erase the most important fact : IT IS MADE also FOR FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY.

One of the pacifist slogans heard here in Italy is : Freedom and democracy are not bread, it is true, but just because freedom and democracy are something more, THEY ARE SOMETHING TO EAT WITH ANYONES BREAD, and so seems to think the Iraqi people in Baghdad who welcomed American troups today.

Todays events shows that in spite of its faults, America is really the great country that says to be; yes, she has made and is making mistakes, but has also values that any other society, Country, or international organization does not seem to have, (at least at the same high level), despite the same faults.

Even though I can not actually show my opinion by a flag at my window, I can make the same and even more by writing this letter, and whether you agree with the content of it, I ask you the favour of sending it to any American, English (and Israeli) person that you know.

In both our languages, the ending leaves in a letter deal with faith : Yours faithfully, In fede,, but in this case nothing can be better than the latin motto used by Marines for Always faithful; keeping well in mind that it stands for Always faithful to freedom, Always faithful to democracy; never replaceable, neither by bread.

Semper fidelis

Saverio Petrini
caruntismargo @

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