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An Emergency Committee For International Protection For The ...

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Member: May-31-2014
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An Emergency Committee For International Protection For The Assyrians

Aug-18-2014 at 00:21 AM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

An Emergency Committee For International Protection For The Assyrians

By: Coordinating Committee For Assyria Universal Conference
Founding Announcement:


The rapid developments occurring in Nineveh Province clearly indicate that a demographic change is underway in Assyria. The Iraqi military units crumpled in Nineveh in a very suspicious manner whereby allowing ISIS to enter the city of Mosul. Subsequently, the Kurdish militias withdrew from the Assyrian towns, and recently returning again after ISIS was expelled by the USA army, thus, a new kurdification policy will start supported by the so-called “kurdish sacrifices”.

The Assyrian leadership has been unable to deal with the rapid turn of events by taking parallel defensive actions to stave off the danger from our people living in these towns. In addition, the international community has been largely silent regarding the crimes being committed against Assyrians from all the Christian denominations.

All this comes beside the Iraqi government’s neglect to the safety of the Assyrian people. Therefore, the “Coordinating Committee of Assyria World Conference” has decided to Create an international Emergency Committee from amongst its members in order to engage directly with international institutions to plea for international protection for the Assyrian people in their historic homeland in the Assyrian Triangle (between the Great Zab and the Tigris Rivers), which is currently occupied.

The Emergency Committee will also begin engaging with the governments of all countries where Assyrians reside in Diaspora, particularly those governments that have influence in the Middle East.

The following activists are the ones who have been named to be the nucleus of the "Emergency Committee For The International Protection Of The Assyrians":

Farouq Giwargis (France)
Issam Al-Malih (Holland)
Sami Hawil (Australia)
Ashur Giwargis (Lebanon)

Meanwhile, we condemn all the inhumane acts being committed against The Assyrian nation and other groups in every inch of occupied Assyria, and the rest of Iraq. We call upon all Assyrians and all those who are concerned with the fate of persecuted peoples to support this committee in its mission.

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