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APM Press-Release on Barazani Statement

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Assyria Patriotic Movement

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APM Press-Release on Barazani Statement

Aug-20-2014 at 11:07 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

- APM -

Registered in Lebanon
Under Acknowledgement No. 597/2012

Press Release: 04/2014

Beirut: 20/08/2014

After Barazani opened the doors of Nineveh and the occupied south of the Assyrian Triangle to the terrorist gangs, yesterday he announced that he opens the doors of volunteering for the Assyrians in the kurdish militia so-called "peshmerga", which supervise the occupation of Assyrian lands in all regions of northern Iraq, knowing that the kurdish occupation already published a call for Assyrians to hand over their weapons.

This proves the ill intentions of the kurdish occupation to exploit the tragedies of the Assyrian indigenous people for the following objectives:

1- A threat to the Assyrians that the kurdish occupation is not obliged to "protect" (as they claim) the Assyrians anymore. This opens the doors to possible future assaults supported by kurds against the Assyrian towns, especially after the Kurds deliberately withdrew from the Assyrian and Yazidi areas to cause the largest number of victims in order to maximize the disaster and ask to be well armed.
2- Confiscation of Assyrian enthusiasm to volunteer in Assyrian factions to maintain security, and excluding the Assyrian arms under the kurdish command, taking advantage of the critical financial situation of the Assyrians who are displaced from their towns, and the world silence towards the kurdification policy.

Assyria Patriotic Movement (APM), already warned about the demographic, cultural, and social kurdification policy, and now after the "ISIS" film started, an economic plot will break into Assyria by the American and other oil companies contracting with the kurdish occupation in Occupied Assyria.

Therefore, APM is warning again the Assyrian people under the kurdish occupation, from these "initiatives" which will reflect negatively on all Assyrian families and Assyrian nation as a whole, and urges the Assyrian people in the Diaspora to expose the kurdish politics in controlling the Assyrian towns, under the slogan "fight against terrorism", which the kurds learned from ISIS makers who produced it in preparation for arming the kurdish occupation under this banner, in order to strengthen the kurds militarily for future confrontations against the Iraqi army on the way of separation from Iraq.

The APM confirms the continuation of its approach in demanding international protection for the Assyrian people in the Assyrian triangle (between Great Zab and Tigris), which already started years ago, and renews its call for the Assyrian Diaspora for the formation of active cells in all countries of the Assyrian Diaspora in order to communicate with the governments of the Great Powers, which control Iraq.

Ashur Giwargis

APM is a founding member of “Coordinating Committee for Assyria Universal Conference”


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