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British teens arrive home after Zanzibar acid attack

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British teens arrive home after Zanzibar acid attack

Aug-16-2013 at 06:46 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

British teens arrive home after Zanzibar acid attack
by i24news. August 9, 2013.
Tourists walk past the spot where two young British women suffered an acid attack in Stone Town on August 9 2013 (Issa Yusuf (AFP))

Zanzibar has offered a reward for anyone providing information leading to an arrest

Two British teenage girls arrived home on Friday badly burned after acid was hurled in their faces in Zanzibar, while the island's authorities offered a reward for the capture of their attackers.

Television pictures showed two ambulances driving to meet a private jet at the RAF Northolt base in west London.

The girls, close friends who were due to start university in the coming months, are believed to have been taken straight to the specialist burns unit of a London hospital.

Katie's father Jeremy Gee described the burns as "horrendous".

"We are absolutely devastated," he told The Daily Telegraph newspaper. "The level of the burns are beyond imagination."

Marc Trup, Kirstie's father, said the girls were "inconsolable".

Zanzibar on Friday offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of men suspected of hurling acid in the faces of two young British women.

Information and Tourism Minister Said Ali Mbarouk said Wednesday's attack on the two 18-year-olds -- the first such assault on foreigners in the popular tourist destination -- was "a shame on the people of Zanzibar".

He said anyone providing information leading to the arrest of the assailants would be given 10 million Tanzanian shillings (4,600 euros or $6,200).

Two men on a motorcycle splashed acid on the two British volunteers on Wednesday evening as they strolled through Stone Town, the historical center of the capital of the semi-autonomous Tanzanian archipelago, injuring their faces, hands and chests.

The two women, identified by the Zanzibar government as Katie Gee and Kristie Trup, both 18, were volunteering with the travel firm i-to-I Travel.

"We have to work harder to make sure that Zanzibar is safe for visitors and citizens," the minister said. Wednesday's incident was the first assault on foreigners in the Indian Ocean island but acid has been used in a number of recent attacks.

The government has said it would regulate the purchase of acid and warned that such attacks could damage the island's vital tourism industry. Police patrols have been increased in tourist hot spots.

The women were flown to Tanzania's economic capital Dar es Salaam for treatment, and then flown home.

The two women were spending three weeks doing volunteer teaching in a local school, a placement organised through i-to-i Travel, a Kent, Britain-based company that organises Gap year volunteer work.

The attack occurred at the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and as people began to celebrate the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

Tourism is the main foreign currency earner for Zanzibar, famed for its white-sand beaches and historical buildings in Stone Town, listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, who visited the two young women in hospital in Dar es Salaam, called the attack "shameful" and said it "tarnished the image" of Tanzania.

He ordered the security forces to step up their investigation and find the culprits.

Local police have been unable to identify a motive and are unsure why the women had been attacked.

In Zanzibar, some more conservative elements of the Muslim community object to foreign tourists who wear revealing clothes, as well as bars selling alcohol.

Zanzibar police chief Mussa Ali Mussa said seven people have already been questioned over the attack.

Politicians and religious leaders in Zanzibar also condemned the incident.


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Member: Dec-10-1996
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1. I Indict My Religion

Aug-16-2013 at 06:48 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

In reply to message #0
I Indict My Religion
by Farid Ghadry - August 11, 2013.

I indict Islam.

Yes, I indict it for ignoring the terror against two innocent British teens in Zanzibar who were doused with acid. I do not give a damn what the reasons were and what justification those bastard Islamists had to change permanently the good lives of two innocent young teens who were there to help Muslims in the first place.

What is Holy about Ramadan when the Muslim bastards in Zanzibar use it to commit the unholiest of acts?

I am really, really angry.

Where are our Muslim leaders to speak out against such terror and to commit, once and for all, to its eradication?

Where is the King of Saudi Arabia, or the President of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation? Cooperation on what? With the OIC's silence, how could not anyone interpret "Cooperation" to mean to cooperate to disfigure the innocent?

Where is the Grand Imam of al-Azhar University, or the Arab League, or Ayatollah Khamenei, or the millions of other religious Muslim leaders?

Where is Erdogan of Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood? Why are they silent in the face of such atrocities committed in the name of Islam?

Where are all our collective Muslim voices to indict these senseless acts not even animals in a jungle are capable of?

Islam has become synonymous with terror and the target of justifiable and global contempt. The religion I was born into, and which shelters 1.3 billion people, has turned into a weapon of global destruction against the other 5.7 billion people who do not adhere to Muslim principles.

Islam no longer exists for Islam. Islam exists today to destroy non-Muslims.

I indict all of Islam because the religion that is supposed to support the needy and the helpless has become a cult of terror against the self-sufficient and the enterprising.

I indict all the silent Muslim leaders for their weakness. With their silence, they are feeding these acts of barbarism to define Islam.

I indict them for all the acts of terror committed in the past against thousands upon thousands of innocent people.

I am really, really angry at all the Imams, the Grand Muftis, the Sheikhs, the Mawlawis, the Ayatollahs, the Emirs, the Kings, the Princes, and whatever titles they embrace.

At the end, if they do not indict these acts publicly and courageousely all of them share in the savagery of Zanzibar. That is their legacy.

The Muslim leaders in the OIC and the Arab League must awaken from their slumber by committing serious funds to re-educate our youth and to rid the world of the cancer within, instead of remaining silent or accommodating the evil source of Islamic terror.

It is obvious political correctness and generous aid by the West is not making a difference.

In fact, Western countries have donated hundreds of billions of Dollars in foreign aid to Muslim countries, and we Muslims pay back the West by dousing their children, who came to help our poor and disfranchised, with acid. It is truly sickening.

Something must change. The West must change course to help us find our way, the hard way. This status quo cannot go on.

If you want to help Islam, then it is time to tie your help with what our leaders do or say, and not by how much intelligence they deliver.

Otherwise, stop buying our oil and gas. Let us perish in our own waste. Maybe, then, our leaders will speak out and cooperate with the West based on equality and not based on them forcing Islam upon the rest of the world.

Enough is enough. I am really, really angry.

May those British teens, and all who were injured by Islamic terror in the past, find peace and happiness. May they, and their families, forgive us for not speaking loudly enough.

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