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A message from the Assyrian Patriotic Party
by APP - October, 1998.
Posted: Friday, June 09, 2000 06:16 pm CST

Respected Brothers - The Leadership of the Assyrian Democratic Organization Respected Brothers - The leadership of the Ashur Liberation Party

With this open letter we salute you and recognize your continuous efforts in our people's nationalistic pursuits in different areas namely political, educational, informational, and social. These efforts would not have succeeded without your solidarity in your party's principles and your leadership for our people's right to keep it's identity and bring it to modern times.

At this stage the priority of our nationalistic requirements is, specifically to obtain a satellite channel through which our people would accomplish their link either between country and abroad or between future generations. Fulfilling this project cannot be accomplished unless our people unite in all their efforts.

Our nationalistic and historic responsibility towards our people motivated us to address to you this letter after our assurance that two independent projects to obtain two separate satellite channels were in existence.

Our brothers: Independent Assyrian individuals and the majority of our people abroad join us in our belief that acquiring the two satellite channels is a negative step that would not succeed. The situation of our people reflects disagreement among themselves and have limited financial and technological resources. All these reasons confirm that our people cannot cover the expenses of televising two channels at the same time thus leading to failure which will be a great disappointment for our people. As these exists religious and political division among our people the two channels will lead to negative reaction instead of a solution. As the channels will not be commercially supported, covering the expenses will depend mainly, on our people. Therefore, uniting the efforts to acquire one channel will assure the success of the project and its continuity to meet it's goals.


  • Support and enthusiasm of our people for one channel is necessary
  • Economy in administration expenses (rental, personnel, equipment)
  • Contributions and support from organizations for continuity of one channel
  • One channel will produce quality programs vs. divided efforts for two channels
  • United efforts is the issue in building trust in our people

Our understanding of these facts and believing in the national responsibility has motivated us, after dialogue with several concerned Assyrian personnel to address this letter to you inviting you to a join meeting attending both leaderships in addition to representatives of our political parties and others to study the matter and find solutions before it is too late. We expect your response as soon as possible.

Greetings and appreciation to all honest intentions for uniting efforts to fulfill the needs and goals of our people.

Greetings and appreciation to all national organizations in forward movement!

Assyrian Patriotic Party
Assyrian Democratic Party
Shuraya Party

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