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AUA Press Release on Gutersloh Meeting
by Assyrian Universal Alliance (Courtesy of Zinda Magazine)
Posted: Thursday, December 21, 2000 08:32 pm CST

Press Release

December 3, 2000

The political uncertainty in the world today necessitated the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) to call a political conference to make the world aware of the plight of the Assyrian people.

The Assyrian political parties of:

Assyria Liberation Party
Assyrian Democratic Party
Assyrian Patriotic Party
Shuraya Party

met together in this conference called by the AUA. The conference took place at the Assyrian club in the city of Gütersloh (Germany) on December 1-3, 2000.

The purpose of this conference was to explore ways and means of working together in unity to meet the needs of millions of Assyrians scattered in over 35 countries throughout the world.

Upon completion of the working agenda, it was agreed unanimously to create a subcommittee comprised of a member of each of the represented parties and AUA with a mandate to find a political structure of working together, and propose the goals and procedure for this structure.

The participants of the conference were encouraged to expand the conference membership and committee participation to include all qualified Assyrian political parties from around the world.

The conference was concluded in a spirit of cooperation with plans to tackle the many concerns including the inalienable political and human rights of the indigenous Assyrians of Iraq.

Our neglected minority in order to maintain its identity agreed to strive to preserve the rich culture, language, tradition, customs and religion of the remnants of these ancient Assyrians.

Assyrian Universal Alliance
Senator John J. Nimrod
Secretary General
Assyrian Universal Alliance
Phone: 1-773-274-9262
Fax: 1-773-274-5866

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