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Assyrian Coalition Condolences
by Shimon Khamo
Posted: Thursday, March 01, 2001 10:54 pm CST

The Assyrian Coalition, Assyrian Democratic Movement, Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party, Assyrian Universal Alliance and the Assyrian Democratic Organization extended their condolences to Mr. Massoud Barzani, President of Kurdistan Democratic Party regarding the assassination of Fransu Hariri, the following is the text of the comments:

Feb. 23. 2001
Dear Massoud Barzani:

The Coalition representing the major Assyrian Organizations extend their sincere condolences to you, your party and the family of Fransu Hariri. We realize that there was a close and trusted relationship with Fransu Hariri who was assassinated this past week.

We speak with one voice for our Assyrian people in expressing their concern over the assassination of a leader and a senior trusted member of your party.

We condemn this act of violence and know that you will proceed with an immediate investigation of this matter and bring to justice those who are responsible. We thank you for the friendship and concern that you have shown in the beautiful funeral service for Fransu Hariri and the high honor you afforded him and the special courtesies and respect that you have extended to his family.

With respect and gratitude.

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