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Assyrian Genocide Resolution blocked in Sweden
by Simon Barmano, Assyrian Democratic Organzation - April 2, 2001
Posted: Thursday, April 12, 2001 10:56 am CST

A vote on the Assyrian Genocide in the Swedish parliament was taken. About 60 members supported the genocide, whilst a majority voted to call it a "Tragedy". I am going to send a list of how the members voted, but it is in Swedish. There was open pressure by the Turkish Government on the Swedish Government. The Turkish Embassy talked to them the day before the voting and they didn't want it to be called a Genocide. The Turks came up with the idea of calling it a 'Tragedy'. Many Turks called me before the voting and said that it was a tragedy but not a Genocide. One of them even said to me: "When you go to Diyarbakir, talk to the priest and his lawyer and tell them not to use the word "Genocide", then he will be free. I told him I will not try to change our history. It wasn't a tragedy, it was a Genocide and an attempt to annihilate our people".

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