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7th General Assembly of the Assyrian National Congress

Posted: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 at 11:54 AM CT

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - (ANC) The Assyrian National Congress "Let Us Unite And Gather The Fragments That Nothing Be Lost"

The Seventh General Assembly of the Assyrian National Congress met in Stockholm, Sweden on June 29 - July 1, 2001. Assyrian delegates from sixteen countries, representing Assyrian associations, clubs and political parties, were in attendance. The congress received a large number of supporting and congratulatory E-mails, letters, and telephone calls from Assyrian organizations, foreign governments, friendly Iraqi opposition groups and prominent individuals. The opening ceremonies were attended by several members of the Swedish parliament and by the head and officials of the European Branch of Kurdistan Democratic Party.

In the closing session of the General Assembly, the delegates renewed their commitment to the short and long terms objectives of the Assyrian National Congress and declared their support to ANC's continuous work in the international arena, especially its work with several organs of the United Nations, and its efforts to defend the Assyrian identity and gain recognition for the Assyrians worldwide. The delegates appreciated the close relationship of the ANC with the Iraqi opposition groups and with the Regional Kurdish Government in Northern Iraq to further our national objectives in the homeland.

The Assyrian National Congress believes in democracy and pluralism. Therefore, the Assyrian United Front, the political arm of the ANC, will open a new dialogue with other Assyrian political entities to invite them to the Eight General Assembly of the ANC, the Assyrian parliament. The ANC will strengthen its relationship with all governments and Iraqi opposition groups. This relationship will be based on join efforts and mutual interests to bring about a united, democratic and federated Iraq. This is of benefit Iraqis, including Assyrian people.

The Seventh General Assembly decided to form an Assyrian World Confederation, to function as the social and educational arm of the ANC. This Confederation will consist of Assyrian social clubs and educational institutions worldwide. A large number of such entities have already affiliated themselves with the AWC. The congress also decided to establish an Assyrian National Fund based on ideas formulated at the Stockholm congress. To further the aims of the congress in the field of education, a special ANC delegation attended the 47th Assyriology Conference sponsored by the University of Helsinki in Finland on July 2-6, 2001.

The Assyrian National Congress, was formed on March 17, 1983 is the only logical way to establish a truly collective and democratic leadership for Assyrian Nation. The Seventh General Assembly strengthened the ANC's structural plan and furthered its national objectives. We call upon all Assyrians to support the efforts of the Assyrian National Congress. This by the Grace of God.

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