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Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party Conference

Posted: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 at 11:57 AM CT

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - (BNDP) Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party

Conference of Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party

This years annual conference of Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party was held in Stockholm Sweden and London, England on June 30 - July 6, 2001 during the meeting of the 7th General Assembly of the Assyrian National Congress. Delegates from all eight branches of BNDP were in attendance.

The conference commenced with a minute of silence in honor of the Assyrians martyrs, including our party's martyr, the beloved brother Albert Okaro. Welcoming remarks were delivered by the President, Vice-President and Secretary General of the BNDP. Several reports from party branches and special committees were discussed freely and acted upon in a brotherly manner and in a most democratic atmosphere.

The conference deliberated on several topics included in its agenda, such as:

  1. The overall situations of the Assyrians in the world.
  2. The present situation in Iraq and the economic sanctions imposed by the United Nations.
  3. Party's relations with Assyrian political entities and the Iraqi opposition groups.
  4. The work of the Assyrian National Congress and its quest to strengthen Assyrian unity.

The conference decided the following:

  1. BNDP supports the idea of a united, democratic and frederated Iraq in which all segments of the Iraqi society will flourish and live in peace.
  2. Total and continued support for the party's efforts in Iraq.
  3. BNDP supports the programs of the Assyrian National Congress and its efforts to unite the Assyrians under a collective and democratic leadership. The party note with pride the establishment of the Assyrian World Confederation, the educational and social arm of ANC.
  4. BNDP values the support of the Kurdish Regional Government, the Arab and Turkman political parties for the Assyrians in their quest to regain their national and human rights.
  5. The conference thanks our compatriots in the 5th Branch of BNDP in Europe for their unceasing efforts to make this year's conference so successful.

The conference ended its meetings in London by appointing several committees to proceed with the implementation of its decisions. The BNDP Congress will be held next year.

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