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Working Agenda for Diaspora Assyrians

Posted: Friday, June 27, 2003 at 06:21 AM CT

A proposed agenda to be implemented by all Diaspora Assyrians.

It is a well known fact that today, Assyrians live in 42 countries. They have become part of the fabric of the societies and countries they live in. Politically, linguistically, educationally and to a certain extent culturally, have adapted ourselves to these new environments. In certain aspects, this new found way of life may in the long run may lead to our total assimilation and loss of our language, culture and ultimately our national identity as we once knew it. As a defensive mechanism for the survival of our culture, language and heritage, we must find ways and means within which we can prolong or prevent the total loss of our identity. As the old saying goes that within everything bad there is some good which can come of it. Our newly acquired, education, cultural and linguistic skills we have adopted can offer us such an opportunity if we can properly apply these tools to our advantage. Therefore, the following proposed agenda is being proposed to all of our Diaspora Assyrians to be implemented and be considered as their patriotic duty for the preservation of our national as well as cultural identity.


The most important issues for the prevention of loss of our national identity are that we must first be recognized as a nation, and second as the indigenous people of present day Iraq. The well documented historical facts will support both cases.

In reaching this goal, we need the establishment of specific Assyrian lobbying groups in order that we may approach various government officials in the countries we each reside in and demand of them for the adoption of the following resolutions to be adopted by them. After adoption by numerous governments, we can then present our case to the United Nations for its passage and adoption.

The resolutions which we need to bring to the attention of these friendly governments are:

  1. Recognition of our people as the descendant of and a part of the Assyrian nation.
  2. Recognition of Assyrians, irrespective of their religious denominations, as the indigenous people of present day Iraq.
  3. Recognition and protection of Assyrian human rights under the International declarations and covenants of the United Nations in all countries our people reside in, and more specifically, in our ancestral homeland, present day northern Iraq.
  4. Recognition and support for equal, human, political, social and religious freedom to be afforded to all Christian Assyrians in any countries which our people currently reside.

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