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Assyrian Family in Jordan in Distress
by Atour. The following letter was sent by Bahija Zakaria.
Posted: Monday, January 29, 2001 09:40 am CST


Mail Symbol 19153
P. O. Box 3292
Amman, Jordan


In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit The only God, Amen.

Dear Assyrian brothers and loved ones,

I am sending to you my regards hoping and requesting from God that you are in good health. With God's willing we will all some day meet once again and establish that big society with that well known name in the world, God's will.

I need to inform you that I am an Iraqi Assyrian widow. We are desperately in need for your generousity in helping me as I have left Iraq since 1998. I applied to the United Nations and my application was refused after one year from submitting it.

I returned and resubmitted another application and after another year and three months, they finally gave me an interview date for March 11, 2001. I have been in Jordan for two and a half years now and I and my five girls are suffering from a bad economical situation as some of our passports have expired and our lives are going from bad to worse each day and I do not have the money to renew the passports or the permits to stay. Those who interview us in the United Nations offica are mainly Moslems and I cannot talk about religion and Assyrian issues and the suffering of the Christians or what we face in Iraq. I am scared if they refuse my application again and God's knows the tragedy we are living in.

I am asking God and you to help me with regards to my application and to improve my situation. Please accept my respect and gratitude dear brothers and many thanks.


Bahija Zakaria
January 6, 2001


Mail Symbol 19153
P. O. Box 3292
Amman, Jordan
Tel: 079-734607


Bahija Zakaria (with child Susan Hawil) ---- 2000/686
Muna Hawil ---- 2000/683
Linda Hawil ---- 2000/685
Jacklyn Hawil ---- 2000/684
Evelyn Hawil ---- 2000/682

Office of the United Nations for the Refugees


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