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This section is not a mirror website and has no affiliation to WikiLeaks.  The documents indexed are widely available on the Internet through publications by various news organizations and search websites.  These specific Assyrian-related documents are preserved here for academic and journalistic research in hopes of promoting international human rights and preventing the genocide of the Assyrian people in the Middle East (Iraq | Iran | Syria | Turkey) by understanding the modus operandi of governments, diplomats, politicians, and religionists.

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WikiLeaks: 2010-02-28: 10BAGHDAD523: PRT Ninewa: Archbishop of Ninewa Describes Climate of Fear
WikiLeaks: 2010-02-25: 10BAGHDAD505: PRT Ninewa: Iraqi Christians Feel Under Siege in Mosul
WikiLeaks: 2010-02-21: 10BAGHDAD458: Tit for Tat - a Spate of Kurdish Security Forces Kidnappings
WikiLeaks: 2010-02-19: 10ISTANBUL62: Finding Room for the Syriac Orthodox in Istanbul
WikiLeaks: 2010-02-12: 10VATICAN26: Iraqi Ambassador to the Holy See Critical of USG Iraq Policies
WikiLeaks: 2010-02-08: 10VATICAN23: Vatican: Iran is not Respecting Human Rights
WikiLeaks: 2010-02-02: 10VATICAN18: Vatican Official On Iraq and Planned Meetings of Middle East Bishops
WikiLeaks: 2010-01-25: 10BAGHDAD185: Opportunities and Perils for Minorities in National Elections
WikiLeaks: 2009-12-15: 09STOCKHOLM779: Snapshot of Muslim Communities in Sweden
WikiLeaks: 2009-12-07: 09BAGHDAD3154: Compensation Finalized to Repair Heart of Iraq's Christian Community
WikiLeaks: 2009-11-24: 09ADANA74: Southeast Turkey Security Incidents: November 16-22, 2009
WikiLeaks: 2009-11-02: 09BAGHDAD2931: Iraqi Election Law Update
WikiLeaks: 2009-10-31: 09BAGHDAD2911: Leader of Sabean-Mandeans Says Community Under Renewed Threat
WikiLeaks: 2009-10-29: 09BAGHDAD2897: Kirkuk Parties Explore Coalition Options, Await Election Law
WikiLeaks: 2009-10-19: 09BAGHDAD2812: Kidnappings of Iraqi Christians Raises Concerns
WikiLeaks: 2009-10-19: 09BAGHDAD2813: GOI Reinforces Commitment to Christian Churches
WikiLeaks: 2009-10-18: 09BAGHDAD2798: PRT Ninewa: Ambassador's Senior Advisor for Northern Iraq Meets Ninewa Leadership
WikiLeaks: 2009-10-14: 09BAGHDAD2758: Christians Recruited for Shi'a-led Electoral Coalitions
WikiLeaks: 2009-10-06: 09BAGHDAD2683: Evangelical Churches Find Path to Official Recognition Blocked
WikiLeaks: 2009-10-01: 09VATICAN101: Patriarch Delly and Tehran Archbishop Comment on Christians in Iraq and Iran
WikiLeaks: 2009-09-30: 09ISTANBUL370: Iran/Religious Freedom: Assyrian Pentacostal Churches Shut Down
WikiLeaks: 2009-09-14: 09BAGHDAD2473: MOI to Hire 500 Christians and Mandeans to Guard Religious Sites
WikiLeaks: 2009-09-14: 09ISTANBUL350: Turkish Armenians Relate Hope for Progress in Turkey
WikiLeaks: 2009-09-11: 09ANKARA1341: Turkish Media Reaction
WikiLeaks: 2009-08-23: 09BAGHDAD2277: Allegations of Fraud in KRG Elections Possible Preview for January Elections
WikiLeaks: 2009-08-17: 09ISTANBUL323: PM Erdogan Raises Hopes of Minority Community
WikiLeaks: 2009-08-03: 09ANKARA1111: Southeast Anatolia's Potential Not Fully Realized
WikiLeaks: 2009-07-30: 09BAGHDAD2038: Minority Leaders Concerned About Iraqi Census
WikiLeaks: 2009-07-28: 09ISTANBUL287: Iranian Refugees in Turkey: No Sign Yet of a Post-Election Asylum-Seeker Surge
WikiLeaks: 2009-07-23: 09BAGHDAD1988: Christian Leaders Discuss July 12 Church Bombings
WikiLeaks: 2009-07-20: 09BAGHDAD1965: RRT Erbil: Minority Politics Ahead of the KRG Elections
WikiLeaks: 2009-07-13: 09BAGHDAD1891: Seven Churches Bombed in Baghdad
WikiLeaks: 2009-07-13: 09BAGHDAD1890: Non-Muslim Endowment: Flush with Cash, But No One To Spend It
WikiLeaks: 2009-07-02: 09BAGHDAD1785: Christians Seek Political Unity in Advance of National Elections
WikiLeaks: 2009-06-26: 09VATICAN78: Holy See: Scenesetter for the President's July 10 Visit
WikiLeaks: 2009-06-24: 09ANKARA889: Turkish Media Reaction
WikiLeaks: 2009-06-14: 09BAGHDAD1545: Ambassador Hill Meets with Minority Political Leaders
WikiLeaks: 2009-06-12: 09BEIRUT659: Lebanon: Aoun Re-Emerges, Demanding Proportional Cabinet Share
WikiLeaks: 2009-06-12: 09BAGHDAD1539: Ambassador Meets with Christian Religious Leaders
WikiLeaks: 2009-06-07: 09BAGHDAD1486: RRT Erbil: Candidates and Coalitions for Kurdistan Region Parliamentary Elections
WikiLeaks: 2009-06-05: 09BEIRUT627: Lebanon: Opinion-Maker Reaction: President Obama's Speech Starts a New Discourse, But Action Also Needed
WikiLeaks: 2009-06-04: 09DAMASCUS389: Assyrian Orthodox Patriarch Criticizes U.S. at International Conference
WikiLeaks: 2009-06-01: 09BAGHDAD1426: Minorities Find Security in Kurdistan But Emigration Continues
WikiLeaks: 2009-05-28: 09BAGHDAD1396: Parliamentary Actions Increase Tension with PM Maliki
WikiLeaks: 2009-05-26: 09BAGHDAD1371: KRG Elections Update
WikiLeaks: 2009-05-17: 09BAGHDAD1288: Minority Quotas in Upcoming Iraqi Elections
WikiLeaks: 2009-04-20: 09JERUSALEM678: Jerusalem Media Reaction
WikiLeaks: 2009-04-15: 09ISTANBUL140: Ecumenical Patriarchate Considers Turks Tolerant of Christians
WikiLeaks: 2009-04-01: 09BAGHDAD892: Armenian Community Clings to Independence in Kirkuk
WikiLeaks: 2009-03-31: 09BAGHDAD883: The Growth of Iraq's Human Rights Minister and her Ministry
WikiLeaks: 2009-03-27: 09BAGHDAD831: Kurdish National Assembly Rules on Upcoming Elections
WikiLeaks: 2009-03-27: 09BEIRUT359: UNHCR Representative Upbeat on Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon
WikiLeaks: 2009-03-27: 09ISTANBUL125: Minority Mayoral Candidate Opens A Door
WikiLeaks: 2009-03-27: 09BAGHDAD831: Kurdish National Assembly Rules on Upcoming Elections
WikiLeaks: 2009-03-20: 09BERLIN328: Media Reaction: Iran, Afghanistan, EU Summit, Fed, France, Pope, Iraq
WikiLeaks: 2009-03-19: 09BAGHDAD750: Ninewa: Songs in the Key of Ain Sifni
WikiLeaks: 2009-03-18: 09DAMASCUS209: Northeastern Syria: It's More Than Just Unhappy Kurds
WikiLeaks: 2009-03-17: 09BAGHDAD719: Ninewa Provincial Election Results Not Directly Relevant for Resolution of DIBS; Credible Sub-District Elections May Require Agreement on Census
WikiLeaks: 2009-03-17: 09VATICAN41: Iraqi Ambassador to Vatican on Christians in Iraq and Barzani-Benedict XVI Meeting
WikiLeaks: 2009-03-09: 09BAGHDAD612: Christian Parliamentarians Assess Provincial Elections
WikiLeaks: 2009-03-05: 09BAGHDAD578: Iraq's Minorities
WikiLeaks: 2009-03-04: 09BASRAH12: Basra Christian Community Enthusiastic About Election Results, New Provincial Council
WikiLeaks: 2009-02-23: 09BAGHDAD471: PRT Kirkuk: MOI Directs Kirkuk Police to Hire 241 Recruits from Dawa Party
WikiLeaks: 2009-02-18: 09USUNNEWYORK149: UN Economic and Social Council: Committee on NGOs
WikiLeaks: 2009-02-05: 09BAGHDAD305: Article 23 Committee Finally Visits Kirkuk, But Slow Progress May Not Allow Provincial Elections There in 2009
WikiLeaks: 2009-01-29: 09BAGHDAD235: Upbeat Minority Leaders Encourage Participation in Elections
WikiLeaks: 2009-01-27: 09BAGHDAD210: Provincial Elections: A Serious Contest with Serious National Implications
WikiLeaks: 2009-01-20: 09BAGHDAD140: Erbil RRT: Dohuk IDPS Speak on Upcoming Elections
WikiLeaks: 2009-01-15: 09BASRAH1: Basra Provincial Election Roadmap
WikiLeaks: 2009-01-13: 09BAKU20_a: Azerbaijan's Discreet Symbiosis with Israel
WikiLeaks: 2008-12-31: 08ANKARA2195: Ankara Media Reaction Report
WikiLeaks: 2008-12-16: 08BAGHDAD3929: Basra Religious and Ethnic Minorities Share Common Concerns and Optimism
WikiLeaks: 2008-12-15: 08BAGHDAD3921: Ninewa: ADM to Participate in Provincial Elections Despite Reservations About Article 50
WikiLeaks: 2008-12-15: 08BAGHDAD3926: HJC Rejects Effort to Reform Personal Status Law
WikiLeaks: 2008-12-08: 08NICOSIA958: Church of Cyprus and Community of Sant'Edigio Host Interfaith Dialogue
WikiLeaks: 2008-12-04: 08BAGHDAD3811: Countering Hostage-Taking in Iraq
WikiLeaks: 2008-11-26: 08BEIRUT1688: Lebanon: Iraqi Chaldean Refugees Suffering in Lebanon
WikiLeaks: 2008-11-14: 08CANBERRA1151: Peaceful Demonstration at U.S. Embassy Canberra in Australia
WikiLeaks: 2008-11-12: 08BAGHDAD3590: Ninewa Christians Slowly Return
WikiLeaks: 2008-11-09: 08BAGHDAD3538: Ambassador Presses Christian Leaders to Consolidate Gains, Contest Elections
WikiLeaks: 2008-11-05: 08BAGHDAD3506: Christian Leaders Disappointed in Quotas Outcome; UNAMI More Positive
WikiLeaks: 2008-11-04: 08BAGHDAD3493: PRT DHI QAR Hosts Nuncio at Interfaith Provincial Gathering
WikiLeaks: 2008-11-01: 08BAGHDAD3468: Defense Under Secretary Edelman Meets Leaders of Kirkuk's Ethnic Blocs; Kurds Refuse to Attend
WikiLeaks: 2008-10-31: 08TELAVIV2427: Israel Media Reaction
WikiLeaks: 2008-10-26: 08JEDDAH448: TAIF Christians Deportations May Be Imminent
WikiLeaks: 2008-10-21: 08BAGHDAD3373: Ninewa: Christian IDPS Flee Mosul for Safer Neighboring Communities; Near-Term Returns Unlikely
WikiLeaks: 2008-10-19: 08BAGHDAD3357: Christian Politicians Cooperate on Article 50 Revision
WikiLeaks: 2008-10-09: 08BAGHDAD3258: Ninewa: Minority Communities Oppose Deletion of Article 50 from Provincial Elections Law, But Don't Unanimously Embrace Politics
WikiLeaks: 2008-10-09: 08BAGHDAD3269: Deputy Secretary Negroponte Hears Elections Law Support from Kirkuk Provincial Council Members
WikiLeaks: 2008-10-05: 08BAGHDAD3219: Ambassador Discusses Way Forward on Minorities
WikiLeaks: 2008-10-03: 08BAGHDAD3198: RRT Erbil: Christians in the Kurdistan Region
WikiLeaks: 2008-10-01: 08BAGHDAD3160: Next Steps for Minorities in Provincial Elections
WikiLeaks: 2008-09-18: 08BAGHDAD3006: Unprecedented Bill Aims to Address Christian Personal Status Issues; 2009 Budget Increase for Non-Muslim Endowments Office
WikiLeaks: 2008-09-06: 08BAGHDAD2869: Ninewa: Minority Community Representatives Share Concerns, and Prejudices, with UNAMI
WikiLeaks: 2008-09-03: 08BAGHDAD2828: Ninewa: Minority Community Representatives Share Concerns, and Prejudices, with UNAMI
WikiLeaks: 2008-09-01: 08BAGHDAD2809: Erbil: S/A Krajeski Meets with Angry KRG Leaders Preparing for Confrontation with PM Maliki
WikiLeaks: 2008-08-27: 08BAGHDAD2751: Ninewa: A Christian Community Considers its Future in a Muslim Majority Country and in the Shadow of the Babylonian Captivity
WikiLeaks: 2008-08-26: 08BAGHDAD2738: Christian Activist: Gratified the "U.S. is thinking about us"
WikiLeaks: 2008-08-21: 08BAGHDAD2688: Ninewa: Assyrian Christian Leaders Discuss Political and Security Concerns, and their Disdain for Islam
WikiLeaks: 2008-08-20: 08BAGHDAD2666: Ninewa: Assyrian Mayor Says Qara Qosh is Safe and Should Not Join KRG
WikiLeaks: 2008-08-17: 08BAGHDAD2607: Ninewa: Some Hamdaniya Christians Argue for Local Autonomy, Others See it as a Kurdish Plot
WikiLeaks: 2008-08-13: 08BAGHDAD2560: Ninewa: Two Prominent Sunni Leaders Criticize US Policy Toward the KRG
WikiLeaks: 2008-08-12: 08BAGHDAD2539: Papal Nuncio Claims Decreasing Support for Autonomous Zone
WikiLeaks: 2008-08-11: 08BAGHDAD2523: Ninewa: PRT and Military Colleagues Survey Key Cultural Heritage Site
WikiLeaks: 2008-08-08: 08STOCKHOLM557: Muslim Engagement in Sweden
WikiLeaks: 2008-08-04: 08VATICAN60: Iraqi Ambassador Comments on Maliki's Meeting with the Pope
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-31: 08BAGHDAD2398: Cardinal Delly Meeting with PM Very Positive
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-26: 08BAGHDAD2326: Papal Nuncio Assesses Feasibility of Restoring Baghdad Churches, Seminaries
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-24: 08BAGHDAD2305: Election Law Fallout: Kurds Rage, Arabs Rejoice, All Brace for Round 2
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-23: 08BAGHDAD2296: KRG President Barzani Pledges Cooperation on Provincial Elections Law, SFA, Turkey/PKK, Hydrocarbons, Article 140
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-21: 08BAGHDAD2271: Ninewah: Provincial Elections Chief Says Security Incidents Have Not Derailed Voter Registration
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-19: 08BAGHDAD2241: Ninewa: KRG-affiliated Assyrian Leaders, Shabak Reps Highlight Threats and Opportunities
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-19: 08BAGHDAD2242: Basrah's Religious Minority Leaders Hope for Better Future
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-17: 08BAGHDAD2221: Ninewa: Kurds use Services, Security, and Intimidatiion to Build Support
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-13: 08BAGHDAD2175: Ambassador's July 9 Meeting with Chaldean Patriarch Cardinal Delly
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-10: 08BAGHDAD2148: Ambassador's July 7 Meeting with Papal Nuncio
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-09: 08USUNNEWYORK612: UN Economic and Social Council: Committee on NGOs
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-09: 08BAGHDAD2139: Ninewa: Diversity of Views from Assyrian Christian Leaders in Al Qosh
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-07: 08BAGHDAD2096: Practical Responses to Urgent Minority Concerns
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-06: 08AMMAN1989: Iraqi Religious Minorities in Jordan Face Similar Difficulties Ties as Fellow Iraqis; Most Unlikely to Return Home Anytime Soon
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-04: 08BAGHDAD2060: Nuncio Affirms Iraqi Christians Want to Stay, Not to Leave Iraq
WikiLeaks: 2008-07-01: 08BEIRUT952: Lebanon: Senior Coordinator Foley Hears of Improved Treatment of Iraqi Refugees
WikiLeaks: 2008-06-18: 08BAGHDAD1848: Way Ahead on Assistance to Religious Minorities
WikiLeaks: 2008-06-17: 08BAGHDAD1830: RRT Erbil: NEA-I Director Discusses Minority Rights During KRG Visit
WikiLeaks: 2008-06-13: 08OSLO327: Norway's Enigmatic Iraqi Population: a Risk for Radicalization?
WikiLeaks: 2008-06-05: 08STATE60300: NGO Committee - Instructions For Action on Several NGO Applications
WikiLeaks: 2008-06-05: 08BAGHDAD1705: Ninewa Plain: Diverse Communities Want Joint Projects
WikiLeaks: 2008-06-04: 08BAGHDAD1694: RRT Erbil: French FM Kouchner Opens Diplomatic Office, Highlights Kurdish Achievements
WikiLeaks: 2008-05-29: 08BEIRUT799: Lebanon: PM-designate Siniora Begins Cabinet Formation; Let the Horse-trading Begin
WikiLeaks: 2008-05-29: 08OTTAWA720: Biography of Helena Guergis, Canadian Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Trade
WikiLeaks: 2008-05-21: 08BAGHDAD1575: Maliki Voices Support for Religious Minorities
WikiLeaks: 2008-05-21: 08BAGHDAD1571: Embassy Minorities Working Group Aims to Address Problems of Ethnic and Religious Minorities
WikiLeaks: 2008-05-21: 08DOHA398: Another Ray of Light - Doha Interfaith Center Opens; Plans for GOQ "Other Faiths" Committee
WikiLeaks: 2008-05-20: 08BAGHDAD1564: RRT Erbil: Influential KRG Minister Eyes Autonomous Zone for Christians
WikiLeaks: 2008-05-17: 08BAGHDAD1524: The Iraqi Council of Representatives: an Institution Still in Development
WikiLeaks: 2008-05-15: 08BAGHDAD1514: KRG Boundaries Still Contentious on Eve of UNAMI's First Recommendations
WikiLeaks: 2008-05-13: 08PARTO51302: Secretary Rice's April 22, 2008 Participation in the third Expanded Iraq Neighbors Conference
WikiLeaks: 2008-05-09: 08BAGHDAD1446: Kurdish Tactics Alienate Shia Shabak
WikiLeaks: 2008-05-08: 08BRUSSELS690: Embassy Brussels Outreach to Democracy Activists
WikiLeaks: 2008-04-23: 08STOCKHOLM298: Mayor of Sweden's Refugee Capital meets with Ambassador
WikiLeaks: 2008-04-11: 08PARIS687: Senior Coordinator for Iraqi Refugees Foley meets with French MFA Officials, 31 March 2008
WikiLeaks: 2008-04-08: 08ANKARA661: Turkey: Maverick Kurdish Politician Shows Persistence in the Face of Legal Pressure
WikiLeaks: 2008-03-25: 08BAGHDAD896: Codel Levin Meets with DPM Saleh
WikiLeaks: 2008-03-21: 08BAGHDAD864: Codel Levin Meets with VP Abd Al-Mehdi
WikiLeaks: 2008-03-21: 08BAGHDAD865: Codel Levin Meets with DPM Saleh
WikiLeaks: 2008-03-13: 08IRANRPODUBAI12: Iran: Election Eve Observations
WikiLeaks: 2008-03-08: 08BAGHDAD691: PRT Ninewa: Mosul Museum, Closed and with a Limited Collection, Still Impressive
WikiLeaks: 2008-03-06: 08BAGHDAD663: PRT Ninewa: Rain and Jobs - Not Security - Are First on the Minds of Christians in the Ninewa Plain
WikiLeaks: 2008-03-05: 08BAGHDAD661: PRT Kirkuk: Negotiations to end Turkman Boycott of Provincial Council Continue
WikiLeaks: 2008-02-17: 08BAGHDAD456: Talabani, Alabani, Salih and Shaways on LTSR, Government Changes, Legislation, Refugees and Provincial and Regional Developments
WikiLeaks: 2008-01-28: 08DAMASCUS59: Syrian Government Prevents U.S. Citizen from leaving country
WikiLeaks: 2008-01-19: 08BAGHDAD135: Ninewa Christians Discuss Nineveh Plains Goals with Codel Wolf
WikiLeaks: 2008-01-11: 08BAGHDAD79: Venice Communique Text on Article 140
WikiLeaks: 2007-12-30: 07BAGHDAD4204: PRT Kirkuk: 13-Point Agreement Ends Arab Boycott of Provincial Council
WikiLeaks: 2007-12-18: 07BAGHDAD4115: Ninewa: Kurds and Arabs a Long Way from Dialogue as Article 140 Deadline Looms, but Both Sides Recognize Risks of Confrontation
WikiLeaks: 2007-12-17: 07BAGHDAD4108: COR Issues Update
WikiLeaks: 2007-12-11: 07ISTANBUL1046: Codel Shays Confronts Skeptical Businessmen in Istanbul
WikiLeaks: 2007-12-06: 07BAGHDAD3962: Baghdad 2 E-PRT: Assyrian Democratic Movement Spokesman Talks About Christian Issues
WikiLeaks: 2007-12-06: 07DAMASCUS1156: Damascus Declaration Announces Creation of National Council
WikiLeaks: 2007-12-06: 07BAGHDAD3963: Baghdad 2 E-PRT: Assyrian Democratic Movement Spokesman Talks About Christian Issues
WikiLeaks: 2007-12-04: 07ANKARA2885: Codel Shays goes to Southeastern Turkey
WikiLeaks: 2007-12-03: 07ANKARA2877: Ankara Media Reaction Report
WikiLeaks: 2007-11-29: 07AMMAN4738: Iraqis in Jordan Update
WikiLeaks: 2007-11-29: 07ANKARA2856: Ankara Media Reaction Report
WikiLeaks: 2007-11-15: 07BAGHDAD3768: Article 140: Uncertainty Fuels Arab-Kurd Tension
WikiLeaks: 2007-11-08: 07BAGHDAD3694: Maliki Advisor says Christian Leaders Accept PM's Aid, UNAMI Human Rights Chief Should be Changed
WikiLeaks: 2007-11-06: 07BAGHDAD3674: PRT Ninewa: Local Farmers Launch Multi-sectarian, Multi-ethnic Agricultural Association
WikiLeaks: 2007-10-26: 07ADANA114: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2007-10-16: 07BAGHDAD3435: View on Shifting Alliances and Other Issues from an Independent COR Member
WikiLeaks: 2007-09-25: 07BAGHDAD3227: View on Shifting Alliances and Other Issues from an Independent COR Member
WikiLeaks: 2007-09-13: 07DAMASCUS933: Syrian Visa Requirement on Iraqis: Postponed for Now, and Murky as Ever
WikiLeaks: 2007-09-04: 07ANKARA2258: PRM A/S Sauerbrey Visit to Turkey: Continued Quick Processing of Iraqi Refugees
WikiLeaks: 2007-08-31: 07BAGHDAD2922: DCM'S August 28 Meeting with Human Rights Minister
WikiLeaks: 2007-08-30: 07IRANRPODUBAI58: Catholic Nuns in Iran Report Difficulties
WikiLeaks: 2007-08-26: 07BAGHDAD2860: Ninewa: PRT Supports Farmers' Association in Multi-sectarian Bartallah
WikiLeaks: 2007-08-25: 07BAGHDAD2848: FM Kouchner's Visit to Iraq
WikiLeaks: 2007-08-23: 07BAGHDAD2827: Article 140: Ninewa Faces Serious Downside Risks from Encroaching Green Line
WikiLeaks: 2007-08-20: 07BAGHDAD2781: PRT Kirkuk: KDP Mayor Resigns, Un-resigns, Attacks Own Party
WikiLeaks: 2007-08-20: 07BAGHDAD2782: Ninewa: Christians Relatively Secure in Bartallah but Complain of Shabak Encroachment
WikiLeaks: 2007-07-29: 07BAGHDAD2500: COR Member Calls for New Leadership, Discusses Legislation
WikiLeaks: 2007-07-28: 07BAGHDAD2497: DCM Meetings with Kurdistan National Assembly (KNA) Chairman and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister of the Interior
WikiLeaks: 2007-07-26: 07BAGHDAD2473: Ninewa: Christian PC Member Arrested in CPI Sweep
WikiLeaks: 2007-07-04: 07BAGHDAD2208: Extending Special Humanitarian Concern Refugee Status to Non-Muslim Religious Minorities
WikiLeaks: 2007-07-03: 07VATICAN104: Iraq: Chaldean Patriarch Supports Christian Areas Revitalization Concept
WikiLeaks: 2007-06-21: 07VATICAN99: Iraq: Christians Fleeing Forced Conversions
WikiLeaks: 2007-06-19: 07ANKARA1560: Turkey: Prominent Kurdish Intellectual Urges U.S. Support for Turkish Democratization, Rapprochement with Northern Iraq
WikiLeaks: 2007-06-18: 07BAGHDAD2010: Protestant Church Leaders say Christians Need Refugee Status
WikiLeaks: 2007-06-18: 07BAGHDAD2012: Sunni Politicians Seek COR Inspections of Detention Centers, Show Increased Interest in Human Rights
WikiLeaks: 2007-06-15: 07ANKARA1536: Ankara Media Reaction Report, Friday, June 15, 2007
WikiLeaks: 2007-05-23: 07BAGHDAD1696_a: PM of Iraqi Kurdistan Discounts National Reconciliation and Calls for U.S. Talks with Iran and Syria
WikiLeaks: 2007-05-17: 07BAGHDAD1607: Chaldean Patriarch Agrees to Extend Combat Outpost Presence at Religious College
WikiLeaks: 2007-05-04: 07VATICAN84: Holy See: NEA A/S Welch April 24 Meeting with Foreign Minister Mamberti
WikiLeaks: 2007-04-26: 07BAGHDAD1425: Baghdad Christians Say Insurgents Displacing Christians in Doura, Coalition Patrols Doura
WikiLeaks: 2007-04-16: 07BAGHDAD1304: PRT Kirkuk: PC Boycott Talks Start, Stop Again
WikiLeaks: 2007-04-06: 07BAGHDAD1190: Chaldean Church Official Conveys Decision on MNF-I Occupation of Seminary Building
WikiLeaks: 2007-04-05: 07BAGHDAD1183: Wasan Media and Chaldean Detainees Possibly Located at Iraqi National Police Detention Center
WikiLeaks: 2007-04-02: 07ANKARA754: Ankara Media Reaction Report
WikiLeaks: 2007-03-20: 07BAGHDAD978: Assyrian Patriotic Party Wants Homeland
WikiLeaks: 2007-02-27: 07IRANRPODUBAI7: Iranian Rep's Views on Regional Assyrian Community
WikiLeaks: 2007-02-20: 07BAGHDAD621: Ministry of Displacement and Migration (MODM) Activities in Kirkuk
WikiLeaks: 2007-02-17: 07BAGHDAD559: Ninewa: Kurds' Headlong Rush Towards KRG Expansion
WikiLeaks: 2007-02-15: 07BAGHDAD538: PRT Kirkuk: Article 140 Committee Member Mohammed Khalil Protests Arab Relocation Plan
WikiLeaks: 2007-02-11: 07BAGHDAD455: Ninewa: Anti-Kurd Coalition Defeats Move to Strengthen Pro-KRG Control of Provincial Council
WikiLeaks: 2007-02-07: 07BAGHDAD408: Kurds Delay Budget Over Funding for Peshmerga
WikiLeaks: 2007-02-07: 07MONTERREY95: Monterrey Law Enforcement Update: January 2007
WikiLeaks: 2007-01-25: 07MONTERREY67: Eleven Iraqis with False Passports Detained in Mexico En-Route to the U.S. from Spain
WikiLeaks: 2007-01-10: 07ANKARA47: Ankara Media Reaction Report
WikiLeaks: 2007-01-10: 07DAMASCUS35: Asad, Syria/US, Syria/OIC, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories (December/25-26)
WikiLeaks: 2007-01-08: 07ADANA1: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2007-01-05: 07ANKARA20: Ankara Media Reaction Report
WikiLeaks: 2006-12-18: 06BAGHDAD4613: Political Parties Conference Focuses on Key Themes of Participation, Unity and Security
WikiLeaks: 2006-12-15: 06ANKARA6665: Turkey's Kurds' Expectations Sinking as Election Season Starts
WikiLeaks: 2006-12-07: 06BAGHDAD4480: Parliamentary Roundtable Discusses Iraq's Situation with Codel Shays
WikiLeaks: 2006-12-06: 06BAGHDAD4471: RRT Erbil - Assyrian Autonomy in Iraq - Another Slice of the Pie?
WikiLeaks: 2006-11-24: 06ISTANBUL2104: Foundations, Transformations and EU Accession: USCIRF Finds Facts in Turkey
WikiLeaks: 2006-11-20: 06ADANA243: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2006-11-02: 06ISTANBUL2015: Istanbul's Ecumenical Ramazan: Borek, Bardakoglu and Burlesque
WikiLeaks: 2006-10-30: 06BAGHDAD4057: VP Advisor Hannah, President Talabani assess the State of Iraq
WikiLeaks: 2006-10-25: 06VATICAN229: Vatican: Consular Issues and Iraqi Christians
WikiLeaks: 2006-10-24: 06VATICAN226: Vatican: NGO Considers Christian Resettlement in Northern Iraq
WikiLeaks: 2006-10-22: 06BAGHDAD3958: Ninewa: Assyrian Patriarch Visit and Proposal for Assyrian Homeland
WikiLeaks: 2006-10-19: 06VATICAN219: Chaldean: Iraqi Christians Targeted after Pope's Remarks
WikiLeaks: 2006-09-11: 06BAGHDAD3372: Leading Reconciliation Commission Member Pessimistic About Process
WikiLeaks: 2006-09-01: 06VATICAN183: Vatican: Iraqi Ambassador Warns of Unified Islamic Threat
WikiLeaks: 2006-08-30: 06VATICAN181: Chaldean Iraqi Church Continues to Suffer Losses
WikiLeaks: 2006-08-25: 06ADANA190: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2006-08-24: 06BASRAH136: The Gathering to Save Basra - A New Political Entity
WikiLeaks: 2006-08-22: 06ADANA188: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2006-08-22: 06KIRKUK143: KRG Minister of Religious Affairs on Monitoring Mosques, Checking Foreign Influences
WikiLeaks: 2006-08-18: 06ANKARA4835: Ankara Media Reaction Report
WikiLeaks: 2006-08-17: 06BAGHDAD2992: ADM Reports Continued Marginalization of Christians
WikiLeaks: 2006-08-16: 06DUBAI5246: IRPO: the Status of Iran's Assyrian and Jewish Communities
WikiLeaks: 2006-08-14: 06DUBAI5191: IRPO: Iranian MPs Indicate U.S. Message Not Reaching Populace
WikiLeaks: 2006-08-02: 06ADANA174: Southeast Turkey Press Summary for August 02, 2006
WikiLeaks: 2006-07-25: 06KIRKUK131: Assyrian Democratic Movement Leader on Christians' Status in KRG area
WikiLeaks: 2006-07-19: 06KIRKUK129: Kirkuk IECI Head on Normalization, Upcoming Census and Referendum
WikiLeaks: 2006-07-05: 06ADANA156: Southeast Turkey Press Summary for July 3, 2006
WikiLeaks: 2006-07-05: 06ANKARA3899: Turkey: Worrisome Trends in Kurdish Politics
WikiLeaks: 2006-06-30: 06DUBLIN778: Iraqi Parliamentarians make their case in Ireland
WikiLeaks: 2006-06-29: 06KIRKUK121: Assyrian Leaders on Article 140, Security
WikiLeaks: 2006-06-20: 06BAGHDAD2112: Iraq Council of Representatives Committee Allocation Negotiations Complete
WikiLeaks: 2006-06-19: 06DAMASCUS2938: Newly Released Syria Declaration Encounters Skepticism, Suspicion from Civil Society
WikiLeaks: 2006-06-19: 06BAGHDAD2081: Parliament Begins Committee Allocation Process; Deputy Speaker says Constitution Review to Begin in September
WikiLeaks: 2006-06-17: 06BAGHDAD2048: Ninewa Vice Governor Suggests Iraq Move Away From Unity Government and towards Federalism for All
WikiLeaks: 2006-06-14: 06ANKARA3505: Ambassador's Visit to Southeast Turkey
WikiLeaks: 2006-06-07: 06BAGHDAD1911: Codel Blunt Discusses PKK and Turkey with Kurdistan Regional Government Officials in Erbil
WikiLeaks: 2006-06-01: 06DAMASCUS2518: Iraqi Representatives in Syria Comment on New Arrivals, New PM
WikiLeaks: 2006-05-31: 06MOSUL56: Ninewa: Local Christian Officials Claim Internally Displaced Persons Growing in Number
WikiLeaks: 2006-05-31: 06MOSUL57: Christian Militias in Ninewa Plains
WikiLeaks: 2006-05-27: 06MOSUL54: Northern Iraq: Ninewa Reaction to New Iraqi Government
WikiLeaks: 2006-05-20: 06BAGHDAD1664: Maliki Wins Broad Confidence in a National Unity Government with Gaps
WikiLeaks: 2006-05-19: 06MOSUL50: Ninewa Views on Central Government Formation and Security
WikiLeaks: 2006-05-15: 06BAGHDAD1613: Council of Representatives (CoR) Rank and File Grumble Over Government Formation
WikiLeaks: 2006-05-14: 06KIRKUK113: KRG Swears in Unified Cabinet
WikiLeaks: 2006-05-11: 06BAGHDAD1566: Government Formation Update: Much Swirling, Little Progress
WikiLeaks: 2006-05-11: 06BAGHDAD1562: Ja'afari's Farewell: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow
WikiLeaks: 2006-05-11: 06DAMASCUS2214: Labwani Attends Formal Hearing; Family and Lawyers Request USG, European Support
WikiLeaks: 2006-05-10: 06BAGHDAD1554: Cabinet Negotiations Continue, Missing PM-Designate's Proposed Deadline of May 10
WikiLeaks: 2006-05-03: 06ADANA97: Southeast Turkey Press Summary for May 01, 2006
WikiLeaks: 2006-05-02: 06ANKARA2387: Turkey: Diyarbakir Syriacs Threatened, Local Imams Encourage Anti-Christian Sentiment
WikiLeaks: 2006-04-29: 06KIRKUK103: Kirkuk Provincial Council Members Boycott
WikiLeaks: 2006-04-25: 06BAGHDAD1355: Provincial Reaction to PM Selection
WikiLeaks: 2006-04-23: 06BAGHDAD1317: Iraq Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) Weekly Roundup for April 7-13, 2006
WikiLeaks: 2006-04-19: 06DAMASCUS1782: Limited Economic Development Observed in Syria's Northeast
WikiLeaks: 2006-04-13: 06BAGHDAD1215: Iraq Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) Weekly Roundup for March 31 - April 6, 2006
WikiLeaks: 2006-04-12: 06ANKARA2008: Tukey / Iraq: NSC, Sadr, Aircraft
WikiLeaks: 2006-04-10: 06ADANA75: Southeast Turkey Press Summary for April 7, 2006
WikiLeaks: 2006-04-03: 06TELAVIV1295_a: Israel Media Reaction
WikiLeaks: 2006-04-01: 06MOSUL40: Human Rights / Northern Iraq: Mayor Fears Kurdish Designs in Ninewa
WikiLeaks: 2006-03-29: 06ANKARA1668: GOT Plans to Renovate Churches, Synagogue
WikiLeaks: 2006-03-28: 06ADANA59: Southeast Turkey Press Summary for March 28, 2006
WikiLeaks: 2006-03-26: 06MOSUL35: Ninewa: "Civil War is not on the Agenda"
WikiLeaks: 2006-03-10: 06BAGHDAD773: Acting Human Rights Minister on Disappearances and Displacement
WikiLeaks: 2006-03-09: 06DAMASCUS1054: Civil Society Activists Protesting 43 Years of Emergency Law Face Well-Organized Counterdemonstration
WikiLeaks: 2006-03-05: 06MOSUL26: Ninewa: A Provincial Councilmember's Views on Leadership Changes after the Provincial Elections
WikiLeaks: 2006-03-04: 06MOSUL25: Ninewa's Kurds and their Neighbors: Encroachment Issues
WikiLeaks: 2006-02-26: 06BAGHDAD609: Jafari Draws Sunni Leadership into Crisis Management at Advisory Group Meeting
WikiLeaks: 2006-02-23: 06BAGHDAD573: Patriarch Delly Pessimistic about Prospects for Chaldeans
WikiLeaks: 2006-02-22: 06BAGHDAD554: Freedom of Speech in Iraq 2006, Part I: Media Gold Rush in a "Virtual" Marketplace
WikiLeaks: 2006-02-19: 06MOSUL18: How Ja'Afari Plays in the Provinces: Ninewa Reactions to Shia Coalition Nomination of Ja'Afari as Prime Minister
WikiLeaks: 2006-02-16: 06ANKARA721: Turkey/Iraq: Iraqi Political Leaders Seek Invitations to Ankara
WikiLeaks: 2006-02-14: 06ADANA33: Turkey - Southeast Turkey Unsettled by Large Peaceful Protests of Anti-Islamic Cartoons
WikiLeaks: 2006-02-12: 06MOSUL12: Assyrian Patriotic Party Reps Call for Creation of a New Province for Minorities
WikiLeaks: 2006-02-11: 06KIRKUK33: (U) Kurd Toilers Party Seeks USG Intervention
WikiLeaks: 2006-02-10: 06MOSUL11: Shabek National Assembly Member Asks for More "Visible" USG Projects in Ninewa
WikiLeaks: 2006-02-08: 06ADANA26: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2006-02-06: 06ANKARA468: Prophet Mohammed Cartoons Prompt Constructive Turkish Government Reaction, Mostly Peaceful Protests
WikiLeaks: 2006-02-06: 06DAMASCUS421: Kurds Dismiss Latest SARG Gestures on Stateless Issue
WikiLeaks: 2006-02-06: 06KIRKUK29: (SBU) Kirkuk Leaders Calming Tensions Over Danish Cartoons
WikiLeaks: 2006-01-31: 06BASRAH5: Ninewa Chaldo/Assyrians Concerned about their Future in Iraq
WikiLeaks: 2006-01-22: 06BASRAH5: The Christians in Basrah - Should We Stay or Should We Go?
WikiLeaks: 2006-01-04: 06ADANA3: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2005-12-28: 05BAGHDAD5149: Independent Politician Mithal Al-Alusi Claims IECI Corruption
WikiLeaks: 2005-12-19: 05BAGHDAD5051: Codel Inhofe Meets with TNA Members
WikiLeaks: 2005-12-14: 05BAGHDAD4997: The De-Baathification Process
WikiLeaks: 2005-12-14: 05BAGHDAD5005: IECI Recovers from Errors that Omitted Over 600,000 Names from Iraq Voter Lists
WikiLeaks: 2005-12-13: 05BAGHDAD4976: Ahad Al-Iraq Shows Promise in Building Cross-ethnic, Cross-sectarian Coalition for Women's Rights and Human Rights
WikiLeaks: 2005-12-08: 05BAGHDAD4912: What Campaigning in Iraq Looks Like
WikiLeaks: 2005-12-08: 05BAGHDAD4890: De-Ba'athification Process Mechanics
WikiLeaks: 2005-12-08: 05BAGHDAD4911: Review of Election Campaign Status with U.S. NGO'S
WikiLeaks: 2005-12-08: 05DAMASCUS6394: New Members of the Ba'ath Party Regional Command: Apparatchiks and Security Officers (C-NE5-00966)
WikiLeaks: 2005-11-07: 05DAMASCUS5833: Small Band of Secular and Minority Groups Developing Alternative to Damascus Declaration
WikiLeaks: 2005-10-28: 05ADANA197: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2005-10-24: 05BAGHDAD4376: Allawi Aiming for Size Over Substance in Coalition Negotiations
WikiLeaks: 2005-10-24: 05ANKARA6400: Turks Request U.S. Take Tough Line with Barzani on PKK, Kirkuk
WikiLeaks: 2005-10-20: 05BAGHDAD4323: Allawi Coalition Building Efforts Nearing Completion
WikiLeaks: 2005-10-18: 05ANKARA6310_a: Turkey-Israel: North-South Energy and Water Links
WikiLeaks: 2005-10-15: 05BAGHDAD4225: First Reactions to Referendum: Shia Confidence, Sunni Arabs Reflective
WikiLeaks: 2005-10-14: 05BAGHDAD4225: Iraqi Referendum Update: Preparations Moving Ahead Smoothly
WikiLeaks: 2005-10-13: 05ADANA181: Letter from Syriac Christians in Southeast Turkey
WikiLeaks: 2005-10-07: 05BAGHDAD4143: Christian Voters to Help Sink the Constitution?
WikiLeaks: 2005-10-05: 05BAGHDAD4110: IECI Reaches Out to Kirkuk
WikiLeaks: 2005-10-05: 05ADANA172: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2005-09-21: 05BAGHDAD3898: Constitution Referendum Prospects
WikiLeaks: 2005-08-29: 05BAGHDAD3525: Reaction to new Constitution: Sunnis Express Dismay, Others Measured Satisfaction
WikiLeaks: 2005-07-27: 05BAGHDAD3107: Part I of II: an Article-by-article Analysis of the Shia-Proposal for a Constitution
WikiLeaks: 2005-07-20: 05BAGHDAD3014: Women Demonstrate Against Draft Constitution Provisions on Equality and Personal Rights
WikiLeaks: 2005-07-11: 05ANKARA4031: GOT Discourages Visit to Southeast by German Protestant Church Group
WikiLeaks: 2005-07-11: 05ANKARA4032: Southeast Turkey Update: Anti-PKK Operations and Political Trends
WikiLeaks: 2005-07-07: 05BAGHDAD2860: Kirkuk Council: "Consensus" Government Elusive as National Leaders Raise Ante
WikiLeaks: 2005-06-21: 05BAGHDAD2622: Iraq FY 06 International Visitor Program Nominations
WikiLeaks: 2005-06-13: 05DOHA1056: Conversation with Islamic Scholar Yousef Al-Qaradawi
WikiLeaks: 2005-06-10: 05ADANA120: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2005-06-09: 05BAGHDAD2456: Sunni Arab Constitution Committee Outreach Hits a Snag Over Numbers
WikiLeaks: 2005-06-08: 05ANKARA3191: Turkey's Syriacs Skeptical about Prospects for Greater Freedom
WikiLeaks: 2005-05-12: 05ADANA103: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2005-05-03: 05ADANA94: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2005-04-27: 05ANKARA2388: Syriacs Celebrate New Year, but Lament Village Property Dispute
WikiLeaks: 2005-04-08: 05ANKARA2061: Religious Freedom - a Weak Link in Turkish Reform
WikiLeaks: 2005-02-18: 05AMMAN1358: Iraqi Political Figures Seek Common Ground on Constitution-Drafting at Jordan Meeting
WikiLeaks: 2005-02-17: 05AMMAN1357: Iraqi Political Figures Seek Common Ground on Constitution-Drafting
WikiLeaks: 2005-02-11: 05ANKARA800: Assyrian Christians in Iran: Looking for a Way Out
WikiLeaks: 2005-01-24: 05ANKARA371: Ankara Media Reaction Report
WikiLeaks: 2004-12-21: 04VATICAN4839: New Iraqi Ambassador Calls for Tighter Borders, More Security Training
WikiLeaks: 2004-12-16: 04ANKARA6984: Diyarbakir Governor - a Breath of Fresh Air?
WikiLeaks: 2004-10-04: 04ADANA132: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2004-09-27: 04ADANA127: Jandarma Evicts Village Guards from Syriac Village of Sarikoy
WikiLeaks: 2004-09-10: 04ANKARA5110: Ankara Media Reaction Report
WikiLeaks: 2004-08-20: 04ADANA105: Syriac Christians, Some DEHAP Mayors Skeptical about Reform
WikiLeaks: 2004-06-14: 04ADANA68: Ahmet Guvener: Protestant Church Leader Acquitted, but later Zoning Reversal Clouds Issue
WikiLeaks: 2004-05-18: 04ADANA60: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2004-04-30: 04ANKARA2446: Southeast Turkey Economic Outlook Pessimistic, Some Religious Freedom Issues Persist
WikiLeaks: 2004-03-15: 04ANKARA1532: Tensions Remain in Southeast, Despite Reforms
WikiLeaks: 2004-02-12: 04ADANA20: Implementation Trailing Legislation in Southeast Turkey
WikiLeaks: 2004-01-08: 04ANKARA90: Fear of Rejection Keeps Ankara from asking IGC for PKK Statement
WikiLeaks: 2003-12-10: 03VATICAN5521: Ambassador Meets New Iraqi Chaldean Patriarch
WikiLeaks: 2003-09-03: 03ANKARA5553: Turkey's U/S Ziyal: Qualms about Iraq, Urgency on PKK/KADEK, need for Nato Summit Dates and Desire for More Active U.S. Role in Cyprus
WikiLeaks: 2003-07-18: 03ANKARA4525: Turkey: Draft 2003 IRF
WikiLeaks: 2003-06-01: 03KUWAIT2377: DART Northern Iraq Update
WikiLeaks: 2003-05-29: 03ADANA147: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2003-05-20: 03ANKARA3287: Ankara Media Reaction Report
WikiLeaks: 2003-05-14: 03KUWAIT2033: Reported Losses at Northern Sites: In Search of Nimrod's Gold
WikiLeaks: 2003-05-10: 03KUWAIT1929: Protecting Iraq's Cultural Heritage
WikiLeaks: 2003-04-14: 03ADANA105: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2003-03-07: 03ANKARA1483: Northern Iraq: PUK "PM" Barham Salih on Turkish Intervention/Multi-Party Talks, Unification with KDP, Kirkuk, and Badr Corps presence in Northern Iraq
WikiLeaks: 2003-02-25: 03ADANA53: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2003-01-13: 03ADANA7: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2002-12-31: 02ADANA437: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2002-11-22: 02ANKARA8569: Turkey's Southeast: Better, But Still Backward as Got Prepares to Lift State of Emergency
WikiLeaks: 2002-11-21: 02ADANA393: Southeast Turkey Press Summary
WikiLeaks: 2002-11-04: 02ANKARA7775: Northern Iraq: Turkmen Front Unhappy with Opposition Conference Plans, Acknowledges Mistake in Equating Barzani with Saddam
WikiLeaks: 2002-03-06: 02VATICAN1171: The Vatican's "Other" Interests in the Middle East
WikiLeaks: 2001-06-11: 01VATICAN3121: Background paper for presidential visit: Iraq
WikiLeaks: 2001-03-12: 01VATICAN1390: Foreign Minister Tauran's visit to Iran
WikiLeaks: 1985-05-07: 85BEIRUT2659: Turkey: Prominent Kurdish Intellectual Urges U.S. Support for Turkish Democratization, Rapprochement with Northern Iraq
WikiLeaks: Ninewa's Kurds and their Neighbors: Encroachment Issues
WikiLeaks: Ninewa Chaldo/Assyrians Concerned about their Future in Iraq
WikiLeaks: Ninewa Kurds Focusing on Provincial Elections
WikiLeaks: APP Reps Call for Creation of a New Province
WikiLeaks: Ninewa: Assyrian Patriarch Visit and Proposal for Assyrian Homeland
WikiLeaks: Assyrian Orthodox Patriarch Criticizes U.S.

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The Betrayal of the Powerless
Assyrian Genocide 1915 - Seyfo
The Assyrian Genocide - Seyfo
The Assyrians – Fifty Years in Sweden
Assyria and the Paris Peace Conference
Bloodied, But Unbowed - A Memoir of the Ashur & Arshaluys Yousuf Family
[Aramaic] Šamcën H̱anne H̱aydo
[Swedish] H̱uyoḏo
[Swedish] ADO Assvriska Demokratiska Organisationen 1951-1999
Let Them Not Return

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In a Letter to the United Nations – AUA Secretary General Conveys the Assyrian Nation’s Demands for an Assyrian State/Region in a Federalized Iraq
The Planned Extermination of the Assyrian People and Culture
Assyrian Universal Alliance meeting in Canberra
Assyrian Democratic Movement - ADM, Zowaa - visit NSW Parliament in Sydney, Australia
Assyrians in Australia represent their plight at the 2016 DFAT-NGO Forum on Human Rights
I Remember and Demand. Recognise! Do not Keep Silent!
Australian Prime Minister’s response to the Assyrian Universal Alliance Letter
Meeting with The Hon Chris Bowen MP
Australia Assists Victims of Sectarian Violence in Northern Iraq
Australian Federal Parliament calls through its Seat on the United Nations Security Council and the International Community to take Appropriate Steps to Protect the Rights of the Rights of the Assyrian Christian People of Iraq

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AUA Americas and Partners Participate at the 28th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, March 2015
AUA Americas and Partners Participate in the UN Forum on Minority Issues
Assyrian Aid Society at the United Nations, May 2013
Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA Americas) granted United Nations Special Consultative Status
Assyrian New Year (Akitu) in the statement of Iraq to the Security Council. New York, March 21, 2013
1935: League of Nations - The Settlement of the Assyrians, a Work of Humanity and Appeasement
1919: The King-Crane Commission Report: Confidential Appendix
1915: The Husain-McMahon Letters
1907: The Anglo-Russian Entente (concerning Persia)
1921: Trade Agreement Between His Brittanic Majesty's Government and the Government of the Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic

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California State Assembly recognizes the Assyrian Genocide
President Donald J. Trump Signed H.R. 390 into Law (Iraq and Syria Genocide Relief and Accountability Act of 2018)
2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document: West will facilitate rise of Islamic State “in order to isolate the Syrian regime”
House Panel Strengthens U.S. Call for Turkey to Return Christian Holy Sites
Joint Subcommittee Hearing: Religious Minorities in Syria: Caught in the Middle
U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom - Annual Report - 2012
Ethno-Religious Minorities in Iraq
Christian Minorities Under Attack - Iraq and Egypt
Levin Statement in Support of Ethnic and Religious Minorities in Iraq
Rosie Malek-Yonan Testifies before the U.S. House Committee on International Relations about Assyrians

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European Parliamentarian criticizes Turkey on Assyrians
No equal rights - Victims of injustice
Assyria Council of Europe (ACE) Convinces Dutch Parliament to Urge for Protection of Assyrians in Iraq
European Parliament resolution on Christians
Treatment of Christians around the world
Iraq: Dutch MP calls for autonomous Assyrian Christian region in north
EU expresses ‘profound concern’ over violence towards Christians
Religious Cleansing In Iraq
MEP puts the Assyrian Question to United Nations Special Representative
Swedish Parliament Recognizes Assyrian Genocide

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Assyria \ã-'sir-é-ä\ n (1998)   1:  an ancient empire of Ashur   2:  a democratic state in Bet-Nahren, Assyria (northern Iraq, northwestern Iran, southeastern Turkey and eastern Syria.)   3:  a democratic state that fosters the social and political rights to all of its inhabitants irrespective of their religion, race, or gender   4:  a democratic state that believes in the freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture in faithfulness to the principles of the United Nations Charter — Atour synonym

Ethnicity, Religion, Language
» Israeli, Jewish, Hebrew
» Assyrian, Christian, Aramaic
» Saudi Arabian, Muslim, Arabic
Assyrian \ã-'sir-é-an\ adj or n (1998)   1:  descendants of the ancient empire of Ashur   2:  the Assyrians, although representing but one single nation as the direct heirs of the ancient Assyrian Empire, are now doctrinally divided, inter sese, into five principle ecclesiastically designated religious sects with their corresponding hierarchies and distinct church governments, namely, Church of the East, Chaldean, Maronite, Syriac Orthodox and Syriac Catholic.  These formal divisions had their origin in the 5th century of the Christian Era.  No one can coherently understand the Assyrians as a whole until he can distinguish that which is religion or church from that which is nation -- a matter which is particularly difficult for the people from the western world to understand; for in the East, by force of circumstances beyond their control, religion has been made, from time immemorial, virtually into a criterion of nationality.   3:  the Assyrians have been referred to as Aramaean, Aramaye, Ashuraya, Ashureen, Ashuri, Ashuroyo, Assyrio-Chaldean, Aturaya, Chaldean, Chaldo, ChaldoAssyrian, ChaldoAssyrio, Jacobite, Kaldany, Kaldu, Kasdu, Malabar, Maronite, Maronaya, Nestorian, Nestornaye, Oromoye, Suraya, Syriac, Syrian, Syriani, Suryoye, Suryoyo and Telkeffee. — Assyrianism verb

Aramaic \ar-é-'máik\ n (1998)   1:  a Semitic language which became the lingua franca of the Middle East during the ancient Assyrian empire.   2:  has been referred to as Neo-Aramaic, Neo-Syriac, Classical Syriac, Syriac, Swadaya and Turoyo.

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