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† 1829: Kurdish Leader Rwandez attacks Alqush
by The Ashurbanipal Library Committee
Posted: Tuesday, August 15, 2000 03:56 pm CST

The Kurdish leader, Rwandez, made an alliance with mayor Sifdeen against the Assyrians. He attacked the Assyrians of Alqush and pursued those of the Syrian Church. After crossing the Tigris, they assaulted every church and neighboring village. Among the well-known victims are: Reverend Shimun Deacon Abd Ishou Deacon Murad, who was slaughtered while praying Deacon Bahnam, along with his 80 young students The first village that was attacked was Bit-Zabda, where 200 men were killed. Subsequently, the Kurds stormed the Asfas village, first slaying the leader, Deacon Rais Arabo, and then Reverend Aziz. Eighty children fleeing to a nearby valley were attacked and murdered by the pursuing Kurds. The young girls of the village were unclothed. The attractive girls were enslaved while the others were shot on-site. The notebooks of fleeing victims were torn and flung out of houses and churches into the streets. The attackers then moved to Nisibin (on the border of Turkey and Syria) and repeated similar atrocities. (Gorgis, Deacon Asman Alkass. Jirah Fi Tarikh Al-syrian. Trans. Subhi Younan. 1980. pp. 14).

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