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1915: Letter from Mr. Rugo A. Muller (Treasurer of the American Mission Station at Urmia) dated May 26.
by William Walker Rockwell, Ph.D.
Posted: Tuesday, October 03, 2000 11:20 pm CST

"With the first inrush of people into our yards for safety came the necessity for providing bread. The first day it was done in an irregular way, each giving where he saw need, but soon bread was being brought in by the hammal (porter) loads, and we realized that it was an expenditure that we individuals could not bear. Mr. Allen took charge of the bread work for a few days until the village work required his attention, when Miss Lewis assumed the responsibility and organized the work in a business-like way, with a large and faithful corps of native assistants. This responsibility she carried until she came down with the fever, when it was turned over to me and I have been in charge of the purchasing over since.

Five Tons of Bread a Day

"More than 3,000 bread tickets, each for from one to three hundred persons, have been issued and reissued, and in constant session (under Miss Lewis's leadership until her illness, then under Mr. Allen until his illness, and since then under Mr. McDowell) revising and calling in or reissuing tickets. In spite of all this care the amount of bread distributed daily at one time rose to more than five tons, but now it is somewhat less than that. We have been fortunate in that bread has been quite cheap throughout this trouble, but, nevertheless, by far the largest and most constant expenditure has been for bread." (page 18)

"The Pitiful Plight of the Assyrian Christians in Persia and Kurdistan" By: William Walker Rockwell, Ph.D.
Member of the American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief. 1916

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