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† 884: The Attack on the Monastery of Dakil Ishu
by The Ashurbanipal Library Committee
Posted: Thursday, August 17, 2000 03:30 pm CST

In English
During the Patriarchate of Mar Youhannan III, a mob of Arabs attacked and plundered the monastery of Dakil Ishu.

En español
Durante el Patriarchate de marcha Youhannan III, una multitud de árabes atacó y pilló el monasterio de Dakil Ishu.

En français
Pendant le Patriarchate de mars Youhannan III, une foule des Arabes a attaqué et a pillé la monastère de Dakil Ishu.

Auf Deutsch
Während des Patriarchate von Mrz Youhannan III, nahm ein Mob der Araber in Angriff und plünderte den kirche von Dakil Ishu.

In Italiano
Durante il Patriarchate marzo di Youhannan III, un mob degli Arabi ha attacato e saccheggiato il chiesa di Dakil Ishu.

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