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1988: USA, California, San Jose: The Ashurbanipal Monument

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Posted: Wednesday, August 08, 2012 at 12:58 PM UT

Assyrian Landmark
Ashurbanipal Monument
San Francisco, California USA

United States of America [North America]

Ashurbanipal Monument
San Francisco, California USA

This 15 foot statue was unveiled on Sunday, May 29th, 1988, at the entry of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco’s Civic Center on Van Ness.

The Ashurbanipal monument is the first in a series of projects for the Assyrian artist and sculptor Fred Parhad and which was sponsored by the Assyrian Foundation for the arts of Berkeley headed by the prominent Assyrian, Narsai David.

Assyrian LandmarkThe monument was presented as a gift from the Assyrian people to the city of San Francisco.  It was not coincidental that it was erected at the main library entry (before the library was later moved) since Ashurbanipal was a scholar as well as a warrior, who built the first and largest library in Nineveh, Assyria, which consisted of 25,000 clay tablets.

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