The London Times20 July 1869


At the MANSION-HOUSE Professor AMEUNEY, of King?s College, accompanied by four Nestorian priests, waited upon the Lord Mayor, at the request of the Turkish Consul-General in London, with a view to interest his Lordship in them. The four priests produced a certificate of the British Consul at Erzeroum, dated the 10th of February last, to the effect that they had been permitted by the Patriarch of the Independent Nestorians of Hakkaree, in the consular district of Kurdistan, to go abroad to collect subscriptions for the purpose of rebuilding several of their churches which had been wantonly destroyed, and for the temporary support of numerous families of their flocks who had been turned out of house and home and plundered of all their cattle and effects by the Kurds in the Hakkaree district. Professor Ameuney stated that these men had been for several days in London, living at the expense of the Turkish Consul, who was willing to send them back to their own country at the expense of the Turkish Government, but they refused to leave, declaring that they had come to this country in the hope of being well received, and that, finding themselves here, they would sooner starve than leave England withoput a accomplishing their object. The Consul in London had no authority to ship them against their will, and was therefore in consequence of that determination on their part placed in a difficult position. In the course of the interview it was stated that there are about 100,000 people of the ancient Nestorian Church who have no connexion with other Churches. After some further conversation the Lord Mayor said the matter was hardly one in which he could be expected to take a lead in his official capacity, but probably if the facts were made generally known some public sympathy for the applicants and those whom they represented might be elicited. At the close of the interview Professor Ameuney and the priest thanked the Lord Mayor for his courteous reception of them and took their leave.

The London Times