The London Times22 July 1869



Sir,? Having just read in The Times of to-day an account of the appearance of four Nestorian priests before the Lord Mayor, I wish to avail myself of your valuable intervention in order to give all possible publicity to the fact that some considerable time ago an application for aid from the Patriacrh, the leading Bishops, and presbyters and laymen of the so-called Nestorian-or, rather, ancient Indepenedent Assyrian-Church was received by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of London, and that, in accordance with the counsels of the persons whom those prelates convened in a private meeting for the purpose, it was resolved to accede to the requests of Mar Shimun (the Patriarch or Catholicos in question), It was, in particular, determined to send out English clergymen to assist in educating the native candidates for the ministry. A Nestorian deacon, already in this country, is receiving instruction, and is to proceed forth with to St. Augustine?s Canterbury ; and the son of the Arch-priest of Mosul is also here having left the Romanized, or Chaldean section of the Assyrian Christians in order to join us and take part in our intended work. As the Bishop of Ely has, in his capacity of President of the Anglo-Continental Society, exhibited a special interest in the matter, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of London will unite with him in issuing, shortly, an appeal on behalf of these our fellow-Christians of the fasr East. Meanwhile they have authorized the Revs. G. Williams and G. P. Badger and myself to solicit and receive contributions for the ?Nestorians.? Being absent from town, and writing on the spur of the moment, I know not how far these ?four Nestorian priests? have put themselves in proper communication with the abovenamed prelates, or with either of my colleagues. I am safe, however, in saying that all donations sent to us to the account of the ?Assyrian Christians? Fund,? at the offices of the Gospel Propagation Society, 5, Park-place, St. James?s-street, S.W., will be thankfully acknowledged and applied in the way that seems most suitable on behalf of these distressed Nestorians. Any particular directions of donors will be scrupulously complied with. I am, Sir, your obedient servant,
I.S. MAY, a Secretary of the Anglo-Continental Society. The Grammar School, Wrezham, July 20.

The London Times