The London Times19 May 1881


THE NESTORIANS IN OROOMIAH.-A Parliamentary paper has just been issued containing correspondence respecting the condition of the Nestorian community in the district of Oroomiah. In the first despatch, dated Auguet 31, 1880, Lord Granville communicates to Mr. Thomson, Her Majesty?s Minister at Teheran, a message from the Queen to the Shah, expressing her interest in the well-being of the community, and her hope that they will receive His Majesty's protection. On October 12, 1880, Mr. Thomson replied that he had communicated the Queen?s message, and that the Shah had promised that efficacious measures should be adopted to redress any grievances that might be found to exist. ln his next despatch, on February 15, 1881, Mr. Thomson reports his negotiations with the Persian Government, and encloses a copy of the regulations in respect to the grievances of the Nestorians, dated 1864, confirmed and re-established January, 1881. Mr. Thomson thinks that the concessions obtained may be considered fairly satisfactory, and hopes that the conditions of the Nestorians may be considerably bettered by them. On April 18, 1881, Lord Granville writes to Mr. Thomson. "The result of your negotiations, in view of the prejudices with which you had to contend, is very satisfactory, and I have to express my entire approval of your exertions to secure the removal of all the principal causes of complaint affecting the Nestorian community.?

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