The London Times15 November 1915


Sir,-In one of your recent issues the Archbishop of Canterbury made an appeal on behalf of the Nestorian and Syrian Christians who have fled from outrages and massacres in Turkey. It may interest your readers to know that this fund, to which the Archbishop kindly refers in his letter to you, has telegraphed £550 to Mr. Shirley who recently telegraphed to our Foreign Office the information as to the 25,000 destitute and indeed perishing refugees in his neighbourhood. One lady has sent us a donation of £50 for this particular work, which we have forwarded in the above-mentioned amount. Though our fund is formed primarily for the relief of Armenian refugees, we have laid it down from the first that any others fleeing from the same awful fate should be entitled to share in the relief. Altogether we have received nearly £12,000 but unfortunately that is a small sum compared to the necessities of over 200,000 refugees. I am, yours, faithfully.
ANEURIN WILLIAMS, Chairman Armenian Refugees (Lord Mayor?s) Fund. 96, Victoria-street, S.W., Nov. 12.

The London Times