The London Times7 August 1918



TURKISH report, Aug. 2 :-
Our troops in the north-west of Persia have occupied the town of Urmia.-Reuter. **Urmia is 18 miles west of the western side of Lake Urmia and 140 miles north-east of Mosul [Upper Mesopotamia]. Following their operations in Trans-caucasia, the Turks entered North-West Persia, making use of the railway from Tiflis to Julfa, on the Russo-Persian border. Thence they marched south and occupied Tabriz, situated between Lake Urmia and the Caspian, ?with a view,? as stated in their communiqué of June 14, ?to protecting the wing of our army on the Caucasian front.? Later in June Dilman, east of Lake Urmia and north of the town of Urmia, was occupied. From Tabriz a Turkish force is reported to be marching towards the Caspian ports of Persia.

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