The London Times11 October 1918



Telegrams from Mesopotamia state that some 47,000 refugees largely Nestorians, have come into the British lines after having got through the Turkish lines. Many of these are being taken to camps near Baghdad. A further 10,000 have been absorbed in the towns of Kurdistan or are wandering among the hills. These refugees have come from the Urumia region, which was isolated during the Turkish advance in North-West Persia. The British succeeded in establishing communications with them by aeroplane, and endeavoured, though unsuccessfully, to send a relief convoy of arms and ammunition from the Sain Kaleh, which is about a hundred miles south-east of Urmia. In August a detachment of Jelus, under Aga Petros, broke through the Ottoman lines and joined the British at Sain Kaleh. Some time later a large part of the population of Urumiah, including Netsorians, Armenians, and Russians came in. The pursuing Turks were driven back by the British cavalry. The day after this escape the Turks entered Urumia and massacred 200 unresisting people-mostly old men-while 500 Christian women are reported to have been distributed between the Turkish troops and the Moslem inhabitants.-Reuter.

The London Times