The New York Times21 July 1900


Persian student in Peoria Informed that a General Massacre Is Imminent

CHICAGO, July 20.-A dispatch from Peoria, Ill., says George Shimoon, a Persian student, who has been attending college in Illinois for several years and is passing the Summer in Peoria, to-day received a cablegram from his home, at Oroomiah, Persia, stating that his brother had been murdered by Mohammedans and that a general massacre of the 3,000 Christians in Oroomiah was expected.

The cablegram states that the feeling of the Mohammedans against the native Christians is growing and that there have been several hand-to-hand battles, with fatalities on both sides. Mr. Shimoon's father is a native missionary, and this fact adds to the wrath against him and his family.

The New York Times