The New York Times6 August 1907


TEHERAN, Aug. 5 - Incursions of Turkish troops across the northwest frontier of Persia have again begun.

A serious raid has occurred near Urumiah, 6,000 Turkish troops, with artillery, having crossed the frontier and destroyed the village of Mavaneh. Seventy-eight villagers, of whom sixty were women and children, mostly Christians, were killed. Subsequently the Turks drove a small force of Persian troops from a near-by camp and installed themselves in it.

According to an unofficial report a large body of Persian cavalry subsequently joined the Turkish invaders, and the combined force is said to be threatening the town of Urumiah, twelve miles west of Lake Urumiah and sixty-four miles from Tabriz.

Urumiah, which has a population estimated at between 30,000 and 50,000, including many Christians, is noted as a centre of missionary activity, and is the seat of the Fiske Seminary for Girls and of Urumiah College.

It is considered probable that Russia and Great Britain will be appealed to and will bring pressure to bear upon Turkey with a view to stopping the raid.

The New York Times