The New York Times6 October 1907


Says the Invading Turkish Troops are Burning and Slaying.

ST. PETERSBURG, Aug. 7. -Persia has asked the assistance of the Russian Foreign Office in obtaining a settlement of her frontier dispute with Turkey. She asserts that Turkish troops have penetrated a distance of forty miles into Persian territory, terrorizing the population by fire and sword. The original delimitation of the Turko-Persian frontier was made by Russian and English surveyors in the sixties.

TEHERAN, Aug. 7. - The latest advices from the border say that the Turkish troops which recently crossed the north-west frontier of Persia are Marching on Urumiah, burning and devastating villages along their route. The Christian village of Mewan is reported to have been shelled and ninety persons, including many women and children, are said to have been killed. Ten girls were carried off. A panic prevails at Urumiah.
Prince Firman Firma, the Minister of Justice, has been appointed Governor of the province of Azerbaijan, the scene of the trouble, and has been ordered to take up his duties immediately. The government is consulting with the foreign representatives regarding the Turkish invasion.

The New York Times