The New York Times12 August 1907


Ports Issues Orders to Troops - A Patriotic Persian Governor.

CONSTANTINOPLE, Aug. 11. - Thanks to the influence of the British and Russian ambassadors and the representations of the Persian Ambassador here, there seems to be a prospect of a satisfactory settlement of the Turco-Persian incident. The Porte has instructed the Turkish commander at Bagdad to stop all forward movement of troops and has dispatched Frontier Commissioners to the scene to make inquiry as to the responsibility for the incident.

TEHERAN, Aug. 11. - Prince Firman Firma, the newly appointed Governor of the Province of Azerbaijan, is displaying great activity and patriotism in connection with the Turco-Persian frontier incident. He appeared before Parliament yesterday and announced that he had arranged for 10,000 men to be in readiness to proceed to the frontier, and that he would bear the entire cost. Parliament offered the Prince £75,000 toward the cost of the expedition, but he declined to accept it.

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