The New York Times6 October 1907


British Consul Departs off to protest to Turkish Governor

TABRIZ, Persia. Oct 5 - Turkish troops yesterday occupied the town of Askerabad, Persia, thirteen miles from Uramia. There is an unconfirmed report current here that the town of Salmas also was taken by the Turks. The British Consul at Uramia has left there for Marwana to make representations in the matter to the Governor of Bitlis.

The incursions of Turkish troops across the Persian Frontier, of which the occupation of Askerabad is an example, began last summer, after Persia had protested, the Porte send a commission to investigate the occurrences, the reason of the invasion is to be found in the rival claims to a contested territory, the situation is inflamed by religious hatred.

The New York Times