The New York Times27 December 1907


Town of Urumiah Completely Isolated - Many Caravans Pillaged.

ST. PETERSBURG, Dec. 26. - A dispatch from Urumiah, in Persian Armenia, which was bought out by a detachment of Russian troops, states that for the last eight days that town has been entirely surrounded and isolated by bands of Kurdish raiders, who have attacked caravans and driven hundreds of loaded camels to the mountains. A caravan escorted by the guards of the Russian Consulate at Urumiah, which was the first to get through was attacked by fifty bandits. The robbers were repulsed, many of them being killed or wounded. Complete anarchy prevails at Urumiah. Russia is planning to strengthen the Consulate guard there, but it is declared in St. Petersburg that the time for actual intervention has not yet come.

The New York Times