The New York Times19 March 1915


British Government Says Pamphlets Were Addressed to The Troops.

LONDON, March 18. - The India Office announces that Documents have reached the British Government showing that German Consular officials in Persia and agents of German firms have been engaged in intrigues, with the object of facilitating a Turkish invasion of Persia and promoting an uprising of the tribes against Great Britain. The German Consul at Bushire, on the Persian Gulf, who is now stationed at Shiraz, aided by Germans and Indians from Berlin, has, says the India Office, been circulating pamphlets addressed to the Indian Army calling upon the soldiers to "throw off the hated yoke and rise and kill your officers."

A long appeal to the Mussulman soldiers was also found, urging them to Join in a " jehad " (holy war).

Telegrams are made public by the India Office, which, it says, show that arms and ammunition consigned to the German Legation at Teheran were received through Bushire. These supplies were to be used to arm the tribesmen, who were to attack Bushire. The Foreign Office was advised today that Turkish soldiers recently ran wild in the Urumiah district. of northwestern Persia and killed several hundred civilians. The Turks are said to have burned several villages after looting them.

The New York Times