The New York Times22 March 1915


Russians Report Attack on Priests - Send Troops to Save Christians.

PETROGRAD, March 21.- A dispatch from Julfa, Persia, to the Westnik News Bureau, the official Russian news agency, says:

"The Turkish Consul at Urumiah, Mehemed Raghib Bey, at the head of seventy Askari, recently attacked the American mission at that place, where 15,000 orthodox Christians had taken refuge.The Consul ordered three priests and two deacons to leave the mission, and as they were insulted and mercilessly beaten. In the courtyard of the orthodox mission a gibbet was erected.

An American missionary, Mr. Allen, who was also subjected to insults and blows, succeeded in sending to Selmas two messengers to ask for prompt assistance from the Russian troops to save the lives of the Christians, whom the mission was not able to protect."

The New York Times