The New York Times31 March 1915


Protection to be Given to the Population of Urumiah, Persia.

WASHINGTON, March 30. Renewed assurance that protection will be given to the entire population of Urumiah, Persia, where attacks on Americans on other foreigners and on native Christians have been reported, have been given to Ambassador Morgenthau at Constantinople by the Turkish Government.

In a message to the State Department today Mr. Morgenthau said that Ottoman authorities had promised that not only foreigners, but natives as well would be protected by the Turkish regular troops, due at Urumiah last Saturday. Apparently no advices had been received in Constantinople from Urumiah after the regulars had reached that place as no mention was made of their arrival.

Secretary Bryan recalled the game of gossip today in commenting on the reports from Persia. Tales relayed through many messengers, he said, were certain to be distorted out of all resemblance to the original report, as that pastime of childhood clearly proved. Other officials were also inclined to believe that the Urumiah stories were exaggerated.

The New York Times