The New York Times7 April 1915


Turko-German Emissaries Reported to be Active in Rousing and Organizing the Kurds

JULFA, Province of Erivan, Trans-caucasia, Russia, Monday April 5, (via Petrograd, April 6.) - After several days of investigation in the Urumiah district of Northwestern Persia, a correspondent of The Associated Press made his way to Julfa, over the frontier in Russia, to file this dispatch.

It is the opinion of well-informed observers that the situation of Christians in Urumiah probably will become more dangerous in a fortnight or so. When the rainy season comes, to an end, which will be in about two weeks, large movements of Kurdo-Turks are expected, and wandering tribes of Kurds will pour down into the valleys to the west of Lake Urumiah, according to the traditional customs at harvest time. Already there have been some collisions between Kurds and Christians at a point near Kotur, which is to the west of the river.

It is currently reported that Turk-German emissaries have been active in rousing the Kurds. It is declared with authority in Urumiah that the German Embassy at Teheran has been supplying a German resident of Urumiah with money and instructions how to use it, and a rich Urumian land owner, Medji Sultan, has received 20,000 Turkish pounds (about $90,000) from the Turks.

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