The New York Times2 May 1915


Thousands of Christians Want to Return to Persia.

TIFLIS, Transcaucasia, Saturday, March 27, (Correspondence of The Associated Press.) - Many thousands of the Assyrian inhabitants of the country west of Lake Urumiah have had to flee before the coming of the raiding Kurds. Some 45,000 or 50,000 of these people a few months ago occupied the smiling gardens on the lake shores. Now 12,000 are refugees in Russia and some 15,000 toow refuge under the protection of the Dr. Harry P. Packard of the American Presbyterian Mission at Urumiah. His successful efforts in their behalf already have been told by cable. His name will survive in Assyrian traditions.

The members of the Central Committee of the Assyrian or Chaldean Christians are awaiting only one thing, the return of the Russians, to endeavor to reconstruct into a safe community this remnant of the ancient empire of Nineveh.

The New York Times