The New York Times30 October 1915


Mountaineers Take Refuge in a Persian Town-Americans Aid Them.

LONDON, Oct. 29.- The Foreign Office has received a dispatch from Mr. Shipley, the British Consul at Tabriz, Persia, which says that 25,000 Syrian mountaineers from the Tyari and adjacent districts have taken refuge in Salmas and that 10,000 more are expected there. All are destitute; and unless help is received many of them will inevitably perish, as Winter is close at hand.

Mr. Shipley adds that the American Relief Committee, under the Presidency of the United States Consul, is endeavoring to do all that is possible, but that its funds are entirely inadequate meet the requirements of the, situation, which justifies an urgent appeal to the charity of Great Britain. Mr. Shipley suggests that all funds be sent to him for distribution through the American Committee, which, he believes, is the best agency for giving effective relief.

The New York Times