The New York Times16 April 1916


German Catholics, Told of Turkish Atrocities, Blame the British.

AMSTERDAM, April 15.- Telegraphing from Cologne, the correspondent of the Tijd says:

"Catholic ecclesiastical authorities in Germany have received from an authoritative source in the Catholic Mission trustworthy information that more than one million Armenians have been murdered by the Turks through starvation or ill treatment. About 100,000 Catholics were among them, including four bishops."

The message concludes:

"Popular feeling among the Armenians was roused against the Turks by the British."


Former Student Here Is Slain by Turks at Urumiah.

WAUKESHA, Wis., April 15. - Dr. Joseph Shimoon, a former student of Carroll College, Waukesha, and who was a member of the 1903 class of the Jefferson College, Philadelphia, was burned at the stake and beheaded in Persia, according to advices reaching here from Philadelphia.

No date was given in the reports but they show that Dr. Shimoon was seized at Urumiah, Persia, by Turks who tried to compel him to embrace Islamism. Upon his refusal and statement that "Jesus is my Savior," he was seized, set on fire, burned to death and beheaded.

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