The New York Times10 August 1917


U. S. Consul at Tiflis its Says 350,000 Need $500,000 a month.

A cable dispatched from, the American Consul at Tiflis, disclosing the increasing misery of hundreds of thousands of Armenian and Syrian refugees in the Caucasus and Eastern Turkey, was Maybe public yesterday by the American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief.

It follows:

"Estimates place the number of Armenian and Syrian refugees in the Caucasus at 250,000, and in Eastern Turkey at 100,000. The total is being slowly increased by newcomers. Of these 250,000 are without employment. A large proportion of them are women and children. Our committee is anxious to help these. The minimum estimate necessary for each individual is $3 per month. In order to meet the needs of the situation the minimum estimate is $500,000 per month.

"I strongly urge the need of support of fatherless children. Of these 5,000 are now on our list, and about 15,000 others require immediate help. No funds are available at present for this department.

"The medical department is caring for many old and sick and for babies. The need is great in other centres. Send new workers at once as follows: One doctor, two women for orphanage, one man, well trained, for leader of technical industrial work, and three or four general workers.

"We urge that not less than the following sums be sent immediately for the departments indicated: Repatriation, $1,000,000; fatherless children in homes, $500,000; industrial relief, $500,000; animals, $150,000; orphanages, $100,000; medical relief, $100,00; seed, $100,000.

Machines, looms, and engines for weaving wool would greatly help to meet the needs of the coming Winter and be of permanent value in establishing the industry."

The New York Times