The New York Times17 February 1918


London Looks for New Massacres, with the Connivance of Germany.

LONDON, Feb. 16.- Armenian bands which have been operating west of Erzigan and along the roads from Erzigan and along the roads from lage of Goerele have been scattered by the Turks, says a Reuter telegram from Constantinople by way of Vienna.

The dispatch makes this significant statement:

"The resistance of armed bands has been broken in villages west of Erzingan, and in Erzingan itself, as well as north of that city."

This indicates that Turkish forces of considerable size are operating again in Armenia.

The return of the Turks to Armenia, since the withdrawal of the Russian Caucasian armies, May be expected to plunge Armenia into a new chapter of atrocities and massacres.

The New York Times