The New York Times26 October 1918


British Army In Mesopotamia Resumes Operations.

LONDON, Oct. 25.-An official coomunication dealing with the operations in Mesopotamia, issued by the War Office tonight, says:

On Oct. 18 we were in contact with Turkish forces holding a strong position astride the Tigris, near Fatah, where the river flows through the Jebel Hamrim country. On Oct. 23 the enemy retired northward under cover of darkness toward Losfrzab(?) pursued by us.

Our forces on the main road to Mosoul by way of Kerkuk drove the Turkish cavalry out from Tauk and advanced to within four miles of Kerkuk.

WASHINGTON, Oct. 25.- The Turkish force occupying Tabriz, Persia, is about to evacuate the city, according to a report dated Oct. 22 from Teheran, which reached the State Department today. The Turks already are withdrawing their forces along roads leading out of Tabriz.

The same report states when the British evacuated Baku some time ago it was a1most thirty-six hours before the Turks arrived. In the meantime the Tartars had looted and murdered indiscriminately, and it was reported that thousands of Armenians were massacred.

The New York Times