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2018-04-13 Assyrian Historical Names for Male and Female


2016-07-24 Bu tarix xëboţo l qiyomo Aydarbo hawi cam lišono şurayt? drëšto tarixiye
2016-03-28 Assyrians: From Bedr Khan to Saddam Hussein (Second Edition, Third Printing)


2015-09-01 Alice in Wonderland | Alis bu Cëlmo dac Cojube w dat Tantelat (in Surayt)
2015-08-23 English-Assyrian-Arabic Dictionary Volumes I and II


2014-04-15 Golden Head and Silver Head


2013-12-09 1923: The Assyro-Chaldean History 2000 B.C. until 1921 A.D.
2013-10-20 Assyrian ABCs Alphabet App
2013-04-27 Modern Assyrian Language between Speech and Writing: Linguistic Examination
2013-02-20 Assyrians Beyond the Fall of Nineveh
2013-02-19 The Assyrian Heritage: Threads of Continuity and Influence
2013-01-17 Boona, the Little Assyrian Boy


2012-06-18 Syriac Books and Manuscripts of the Duke University Collection
2012-05-22 The Might that was Assyria
2012-03-15 Xëzne d xabre Ordlista: Şurayt-Swedi [mëḏyoyo]
2012-01-30 Svensk-nyvästsyrisk Lärobok: Swedi-Şurayt [Ţuroyo]


2011-09-15 Ḫayat fë Azëx - Xalf l Farman w fë waqt l Farman
2011-03-03 Gramatik Nacimo: Şurayt-Swedi [Mëḏyoyo]


2010-09-03 A Compendious Syriac Dictionary
2010-09-03 Classical Syriac
2010-09-03 Compendious Syriac Grammar
2010-08-16 Life. Assyrian Poetry: Musings on God, love and loss. (Volume 1)
2010-04-26 Assyrian Costumes and Jewelry
2010-04-20 Assyrian Dictionary | The Helsinki Neo-Assyrian Dictionary


2009-09-25 Assyrian Illustrated Children's Book: Romil Benyamino's "ܣܲܗܪܵܐ / SAHRA / MOON"
2009-09-22 The Assyrian Homeland Before World War I


2008-02-15 Modern Aramaic
2008-02-10 Assyrians: From Bedr Khan to Saddam Hussein (Second Edition)
2008-02-10 Assyrians: From Bedr Khan to Saddam Hussein
2008-02-10 Assyrians: The Continuous Saga


2003-01-17 Indigenous Peoples Under the Rule of Islam
2003-02-10 Introduction to Syriac: An Elementary Grammar With Readings from Syriac Literature


2002-01-15 Reflections on "The Modern Assyrians of the Middle East"


2001-06-28 Assyrians in Contemporary Iraqi Thought by Aprim Shapera
2001-06-22 Mechelen aan de Tigris (Assyrian village of Hassana)
2001-01-05 Nations and Nationalism
2001-01-03 "The German, the Turk and the Devil Made a Triple Alliance": Harpoot Diaries, 1908-1917
2001-01-03 Marsovan 1915: The Diaries of Bertha Morley, Second Edition
2001-01-03 "Turkish Atrocities": Statements of American Missionaries on the Destruction of Christian Communities in Ottoman Turkey, 1915-1917
2001-01-03 Days of Tragedy in Armenia: Personal Experiences in Harpoot, 1915-1917
2001-01-03 The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, 1915-1916: Documents Presented to Viscount Grey of Falloden by Viscount Bryce [Uncensored Edition]
2001-01-03 Ambassador Morgenthau's Story
2001-01-03 Great Need over the Water: The Letters of Theresa Huntington Ziegler, Missionary to Turkey, 1898-1905


2000-06-23 A History of Christianity in Asia : Beginnings to 1500 (2nd Edition)(Vol 1)
2000-06-08 Not Even my Name (hardcover)
2000-06-08 From the Holy Mountain (paperback)
2000-06-08 From the Holy Mountain (hardcover)
2000-08-01 Assyria, 1995
2000-07-24 We Are Witnesses: The Diaries of Five Teenagers Who Died in the Holocaust
2000-07-12 The Church of the East and the Church of England
2000-07-12 The Revenge of Ishtar, Vol. 2 (hardcover)
2000-07-12 The Last Quest of Gilgamesh (hardcover)
2000-07-12 The Last Quest of Gilgamesh (paperback)
2000-07-12 The Assyrians Activity Book
2000-08-23 The Banality of Indifference

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2012-04-08 Modelling and Simulation of Robot Manipulators

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To know your past, is to know yourself.

A pathetic case is reported from Karadjalu. A woman, fleeing with her two children --- her husband was abroad --- met a Moslem mullah in her flight. He took the children, stripped them of their clothing, and threw them all into a stream, which was on the point of freezing. He then offered to marry the woman. On her refusal he left the woman on the road to her fate. She returned to the stream, and, taking her children from the water, carried them to a vineyard near by, where she placed them in a hollow place with some straw over them to try and warm them ; both children died in the morning. Later the sorrowing woman found her way to Urmi, and five months afterwards the Russians caught this inhuman brute and made him suffer for his crime.

-- Mr. Paul Shimmon (Assyrian Holocaust Survivor)

Assyrian Holocaust - religious persecution and ethnic genocide of Assyrians in the Middle East.
Assyrian Holocaust | History Timeline | 1900's section 

Assyria \ã-'sir-é-ä\ n (1998)   1:  an ancient empire of Ashur   2:  a democratic state in Bet-Nahren, Assyria (northern Iraq, northwestern Iran, southeastern Turkey and Syria.)   3:  a democratic state that fosters the social and political rights to all of its inhabitants irrespective of their religion, race, or gender   4:  a democratic state that believes in the freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture in faithfulness to the principles of the United Nations Charter — Atour synonym

Ethnicity, Religion, Language
» Israeli, Jewish, Hebrew
» Assyrian, Christian, Aramaic
» Saudi Arabian, Muslim, Arabic
Assyrian \ã-'sir-é-an\ adj or n (1998)   1:  descendants of the ancient empire of Ashur   2:  the Assyrians, although representing but one single nation as the direct heirs of the ancient Assyrian Empire, are now doctrinally divided, inter sese, into five principle ecclesiastically designated religious sects with their corresponding hierarchies and distinct church governments, namely, Church of the East, Chaldean, Maronite, Syriac Orthodox and Syriac Catholic.  These formal divisions had their origin in the 5th century of the Christian Era.  No one can coherently understand the Assyrians as a whole until he can distinguish that which is religion or church from that which is nation -- a matter which is particularly difficult for the people from the western world to understand; for in the East, by force of circumstances beyond their control, religion has been made, from time immemorial, virtually into a criterion of nationality.   3:  the Assyrians have been referred to as Aramaean, Aramaye, Ashuraya, Ashureen, Ashuri, Ashuroyo, Assyrio-Chaldean, Aturaya, Chaldean, Chaldo, ChaldoAssyrian, ChaldoAssyrio, Jacobite, Kaldany, Kaldu, Kasdu, Malabar, Maronite, Maronaya, Nestorian, Nestornaye, Oromoye, Suraya, Syriac, Syrian, Syriani, Suryoye, Suryoyo and Telkeffee. — Assyrianism verb

Aramaic \ar-é-'máik\ n (1998)   1:  a Semitic language which became the lingua franca of the Middle East during the ancient Assyrian empire.   2:  has been referred to as Neo-Aramaic, Neo-Syriac, Classical Syriac, Syriac, Swadaya and Turoyo.

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