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Assyria, 1995

Posted: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 02:56 PM CT


Assyria, 1995: Proceedings of the 10th Anniversary Symposium of the Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project Helsinki, September 7-11, 1995
by Professor Simo Parpola (Editor) and R. M. Whiting (Editor)

Format: Paperback, 389pp.
ISBN: 9514577035
Publisher: Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project
Pub. Date: May 1997


From the Publisher
Top experts in the field summarize the current state of research on ancient Assyria and suggest directions for future studies. Contains twenty scholarly papers and nine public lectures presented at a symposium held in Helsinki covering the archaeology, history, language, art, culture and religion of ancient Assyria.


Table of Contents
Symposium Program
Opening Remarks
Unfolding the Drama of the Assyrian Empire 1
Til Barsib under Assyrian Domination 17
The Destruction of Orchards in Assyrian Warfare 29
Assyrian Traditions during Achaemenid Times 41
Ways and Means to Conquer a City 49
The God Assur in Babylonia 55
Le dynamisme assyrien 65
Assyria and the Western World 69
The Neo-Assyrian Empire and its Western Periphery 77
The Resurrection of Ashur: A History of Assyrian Studies 105
"How Much Qabbalah in Ancient Assyria?" 115
"Royal Roads" and other Questions of the Neo-Assyrian Communication System 129
Die Stadtbeamten von Assur und ihre Siegel 137
Divination, Magic, and Astrology in the Assyrian Royal Court 161
New Dimensions in the Study of Assyrian Religion 165
The Fall of Assyria in Comparative Ancient Perspective 179
The Localization of Hubuskia 197
Observations from the Eponym Lists 207
The Northern Frontier of Assyria: An Archaeological Perspective 217
The Interplay of Military Strategy and Cultic Practice in Assyrian Politics 245
The Relative Status of Nabu and Marduk in the Late Assyrian Period 253
Das Assurprojekt der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft und des Vorderasiatischen Museums zu Berlin 261
Aspects of the Historical Geography of Northeastern Syria from Middle Assyrian to Neo-Assyrian Times 281
Sennacherib's Palace Without Rival Revisited: Excavations at Nineveh and in the British Museum Archives 295
Notes on the Fall of Nineveh 307
Propaganda, Literature, Historiography: Cracking the Code of the Assyrian Royal Inscriptions 325 Royal Hunt and Royal Triumph in a Prism Fragment of Ashurbanipal 339
Art in Empire: The Royal Image and the Visual Dimensions of Assyrian Ideology 359
The Question of the King's Eponymate in the Latter Half of the 18th Century and the 7th Century BC 383

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